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Stokke Steps High Chair Review: Is it Worth The Hype?

Wendy Turner

The Stokke Steps High Chair presents a mixture of contemporary design and creative functionality for the needs of modern families.

With its sleek Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics, characterized by perfect lines and a minimalist look, this high chair is more than just a practical piece—it’s an elegant addition to any living space.

The chairs are crafted from sturdy materials, which not only ensures durability and stability but also upholds its reputation as a premium product, which makes it the perfect choice for your toddler as it is safe, long-lasting, and multipurpose.

Comprehensive Review of the Stokke Steps High Chair

1. Design and Quality

Design and Quality

The Stokke Steps High Chair has a sleek, contemporary design that catches inspiration from Scandinavian aesthetics. Manufactured from high-quality materials, this high chair is synonymous with durability and steadfast stability, creating an impression of luxury and opulence. The selection of materials cements its status as a quality product, making it known for its exceptional quality and performance in the world of high chairs.

This design philosophy blends seamlessly into various home settings, making your kid feel like a part of the family on dining tables and other locations, with the importance of both form and function.

2. Customization

The Stokke Steps High Chair is known for its remarkable customization capabilities. Made to evolve alongside your child’s journey from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond, this high chair is a graph of adaptability.

The chair has a plethora of adjustable elements such as seat height, seat depth, footrest height, and tray positioning, and it is targeted toward the ever-changing needs of growing children. This flexibility connects deeply with parents who are finding a solution that seamlessly accommodates their child’s developmental needs.

By buying an unusual and personalized seating experience, the Stokke Steps High Chair becomes an important part of the child’s formative years, fostering comfort and growth. It’s made to adapt, and its value for money is a long-lasting investment that mirrors the evolving needs of both parent and child.

3. User-Friendly Solution

User-Friendly Solution

When you buy a Stokke Steps High Chair, it ensures a user-friendly experience for parents and caregivers. The adjustable features are blended and maneuverable, leading to swift customization to secure the perfect seating arrangement for your child’s comfort. The removable tray adds convenience during mealtime, and its detachability streamlines the cleaning process.

The chair’s smart layout leads to uncomplicated access for your child, making the task of lifting them in and out of the chair very simple. This amazing design approach not only enhances usability but also decreases potential challenges associated with using a high chair.

The Stokke Steps High Chair’s user-friendly features seamlessly integrate into daily routines, making mealtime interactions fun and providing hassle-free childcare that resonates with busy parents.

4. Comfortable

User-Friendly Solution.jpg

The Stokke Steps High Chair is meant for the fusion of comfort and safety, addressing both aspects with meticulous attention. Its ergonomic construction makes sure that your child enjoys a comfortable seating experience during meals. The accompanying cushion with the chair not only offers extra padding but also contributes to enhanced comfort levels.

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To ensure security and safety, the high chair incorporates a five-point harness system, which secures your child in position and mitigates the potential for accidents or falls. This dual commitment to comfort and safety underscores the high chair’s dedication to creating a fulfilling and secure family environment for you and your child.

5. Adjustment and Options

The Stokke Steps High Chair provides a spectrum of eye-catching colors and styles, allowing you to select a variant that goes with your home’s interior design.

This adjustment feature connects particularly well with parents who seek a high chair that gets into their living environment. Matching the high chair with your home décor increases its aesthetic integration and adds to your overall space.

This level of personalization is appreciated by those who prioritize a cohesive look in their home while also benefiting from the chair’s functionality.

The Stokke Steps High Chair has a spectrum of choices that empowers parents to make a selection that aligns with their style preferences, contributing to its reputation as a versatile and thoughtfully designed product that gives them options and adjustments.

6. Price

The Stokke Steps High Chair is positioned in the slightly high price spectrum among the chairs. Its variety of features and highlights is undeniable, yet its cost could pose a problem for budget-conscious parents.

While the chair presents an incredible investment in terms of functionality, adjustability, and aesthetics, its high price point might necessitate careful consideration, particularly for those seeking cost-effective options.

Balancing the chair’s premium attributes with budgetary constraints becomes a crucial aspect when evaluating its suitability. While the chair’s value is important, buyers should think about their financial status against the chair’s benefits to determine if it aligns harmoniously with their parenting priorities and budgetary parameters.

7. Reputation

The reputation of the Stokke Steps High Chair is very high among the parents. Its different features, such as impeccable construction quality, adaptability, customization, and amazing comfort, are crucial in cultivating its stand in the market.

Its capability to grow alongside a growing child and its user-friendly design have garnered appreciation from parents. It’s important to acknowledge that points of view can differ based on individual needs and requirements.

Despite potential variations in viewpoints, the overall reputation of the Stokke Steps High Chair shines as a reliable and well-regarded choice in the realm of high chairs, catering to the needs of both parents and their young ones. It delivers what it sells.

8. Easy to Assemble


Assembling the Stokke Steps High Chair is an interesting experience, and it is a straightforward process. The package includes clear and easy instructions that can help you assemble the chair easily.

Users often find that the high chair can be put together very easily, even without the requirement for any big tools. This aspect holds particular appeal for busy parents finding simplicity and efficiency, as it eliminates the need to invest excessive time in complex assembly procedures.

The chair’s simple design and well-structured instructions ensure that the parent can have a hassle-free setup, allowing them to swiftly provide a comfortable and secure seating solution for their kid without any frustration or complication.

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9. Easy to Maintain

The Stokke Steps High Chair is known for its easy maintenance. The removable tray is designed for effortless cleaning, and the accompanying cushion can be easily wiped down or removed for washing, ensuring a hygienic seating environment for your child.

The high chair’s smooth surfaces and lack of any crevices simplify the process of tidying up after messy mealtimes, saving parents valuable time and effort.

This important design feature contributes to the chair’s practicality and makes it a popular choice for families looking for a hassle-free cleaning experience in their day-to-day routine. With a young one, cleaning can become a task, but the chair’s design ensures that the cleaning and maintaining process is quick, easy, and fun.

10. Versatility and Longevity

Versatility and Longevity

The Stokke Steps High Chair stands out for its amazing utility and longevity. Its standout feature lies in its seamless growth alongside your child. It starts as a baby bouncer. When paired with the Stokke Steps Bouncer, it transforms into a toddler-friendly high chair, eventually leading to a distinct chair for older children and adults.

This unique versatility makes it a perfect investment, accommodating your family’s changing needs over the years. Its ability to perfectly transition through a variety of stages in life ensures that it remains a functional and valuable piece of furniture for a long period, making it a convenient and valuable choice.

11. Less Space

The Stokke Steps High Chair’s small design is a boon for families lacking space. Its cleverly designed chair makes sure that it occupies minimal room, rendering it a practical selection for smaller living areas.

Its design seamlessly merges with diverse interior settings, elevating the overall look of the space. This space-saving prowess does not compromise on its elegant demeanor, as its classy and polished exterior.

Families looking for a high-quality, high chair without sacrificing space will find the Stokke Steps High Chair to be smart and stylish and fit effortlessly with their living environment, making it a crucial part of the furniture.

12. Foldable and Portable

Although not made for very portability like certain travel-focused high chairs, the Stokke Steps High Chair has maneuverability within your home due to its lightweight and compact design. Its high-end design leads to a hassle-free relocation from room to room.

However, it has to be highlighted that it might not be as suitable for journeys as some more travel-oriented alternatives in the market. This chair is a compromise between compactness and travel convenience.

The chair remains a practical solution for daily use within your living space, ensuring your child is comfortable during meal times and other activities without missing out on its sturdiness and usability. The chair helps in saving because of its unique design.

13. Add Ons

Easy to Assemble.png

Stokke provides a diverse array of extra accessories designed to add to both the utility and visual appeal of the Stokke Steps High Chair. These add-ons contain an assortment of cushion colors, allowing personalization to match your décor or preferences. For heightened safety, Stokke has a baby set equipped with a five-point harness, giving an extra layer of security during meal times.

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These optional enhancements lead to a range of needs, from aesthetic customization to practicality and safety, thereby further increasing the overall high chair experience.

The availability of these accessories demonstrates Stokke’s commitment to addressing various aspects of functionality and style, making the Stokke Steps High Chair an even more versatile and important choice for parents looking for excellence in child seating solutions.

14. Customer Service

Stokke has built a reputation for its brilliant customer support. If you encounter any inquiries or problems regarding the high chair, their customer service team is known for their responsiveness and helpfulness.

Whether you have questions about assembly, usage, or any concerns that may arise, Stokke’s customer support is known to recognize problems and provide informative assistance.

This commitment to customer satisfaction adds an extra layer of reliability to the Stokke Steps High Chair, ensuring that the buyers have reliable assistance whenever they want it. This makes it stand out from its competition.

15. Drawbacks

Despite a lot of merits, the Stokke Steps High Chair has a few drawbacks. One of them is a higher price point that could pose a financial barrier for budget-conscious families. Moreover, a few users may encounter challenges when grappling with the chair’s adjustability, particularly when swiftly transitioning between its various options.

This might be more for individuals who constantly have to change the chair’s settings. While the chair’s adjustability is a key selling point, its learning curve could potentially deter some users from fully harnessing its capabilities.

It’s important to note these potential drawbacks are just more of a user issue than the product, and you have to keep that in mind while selecting the chair for your use.


The Stokke Steps High Chair is a high-quality and stylish option that seamlessly marries form and function. The use of high-end products and durable materials not only ensures stability and longevity but also reinforces its reputation as a premium product within the high chairs.

The chair garners acclaim for its adaptable features that enable it to grow with a child from infancy to early childhood. The Stokke Steps High Chair’s blend of versatility, comfort, and aesthetics makes it a smart choice for parents who value both functionality and style.

Its ability to adapt to a child’s changing needs and its tasteful design make it a piece of furniture that can seamlessly blend into various home settings.

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Wendy Turner
Wendy Turner

As a certified pediatric nurse with a Master's in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, Wendy Turner has enriched various content since 2018. She also holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Yale University. Her focus is on sleep training and creating effective bedtime routines for children. She also conducts groundbreaking studies on child sleep patterns. Wendy is a children's book author in her spare time, focusing on stories that soothe and prepare children for sleep.

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