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All Time Favorite Angry Bird Characters + Interesting Facts

Raymond Anderson
List of All Angry Birds Characters + Interesting Facts

Are you a die-hard fan of Angry Birds and want to revisit the time when the cute birds ruled everyone’s hearts? No matter what generation you were born in or how old you’re, Angry Birds is one such popular video game series that you would have definitely heard of. This game had some of the most notorious and iconic characters that have left a strong impression on our hearts.

Remember the core group of birds living on Piggy Island and fighting evil pigs who tried to steal their eggs? From the friendliest bird Hal to the short-tempered Bomb and scariest of all birds, Terence, Angry Birds characters are still our favorites. Many of these angry bird characters have appeared throughout the franchise, whether in movies, cartoons, or games.

Newer members of the flock, like Ice Bird and Stella, have also garnered a huge fan following. So let’s look at these adorable characters that never fail to amaze us with their presence and remain fresh in our memory.

What are Angry Birds?

What are Angry Birds.png

Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile franchises of all time. The first Angry Birds game is known to be the greatest mobile app success in history. The avian group in this video game franchise originally consisted of five members who had special powers. The game challenged the players to get the bird’s eggs back from the evil green pigs.

The popularity of the Angry Birds game led to the creation of a few TV shows and movies under the Angry Birds banner.

Most Popular Angry Bird Characters

We have curated the list of the most famous Angry Bird characters to enlighten you about King Pig’s henchmen and Red’s flock that dominated the game.

1. Red


Do you know about the short-tempered and cranky protagonist of the Angry Birds franchise? Red is the leader of the bird flock and gets angry over small things. At first, he is mocked by the other birds because of his personality, but later he becomes the hero of the group and teaches other birds how to fight with the pigs. Red has led many battles against the Piggy Kingdom, showing his bravery and leadership skills to save the bird eggs from King Pig. Though

Red is the angriest bird in the group. He is always appreciative and grateful. Red shows his caring nature when he takes care of the three eggs on Piggy Island. He tells them bedtime stories and strokes them like a father figure.

2. Bomb


The bomb is the Angry Birds Franchise’s most explosive character, known for his ability to explode like a real bomb. He is one of the strongest birds who can destroy everything that falls in a small blast radius. The inhabitants of the Piggy Kingdom try not to mess up with Bomb considering his immense power and abilities. He has taken down numerous fortresses and strongholds and helped the other birds win numerous battles against the pigs.

But he can’t withstand sand, snow, and wind, and his enemies often try to take advantage of his weakness. The bomb appeared for the first time in the original game as the fourth bird and an important member of the core flock. After that, he became a playable character in all the upcoming games.

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3. Chuck


Chuck, the triangular-shaped, yellow bird, acquired a huge fan following among the Angry Birds fans because of his unique appearance. He has been redesigned many times to keep up with the ongoing trend and the demand of the fans. He is the second-in-command of the Angry Birds group and one of the dearest friends of Red.

Chuck runs at 100mph and is the fastest bird in the world. Due to his mischievous nature and constant chatter, he often gets into trouble. What makes Angry Birds fans fall in love with Chuck is his energetic nature, due to which he can never rest or relax.

Chuck is always ready for new mischief, creating funny situations wherein you can’t stop laughing.

4. Bubbles


Despite being a newer member of the bird flock, Bubbles is known to be one of the most famous angry bird characters. He is fearless because he has fought with zombies, vampires, and werewolves. He can easily take down the Piggy Kingdom because he inflates to a larger size and causes lots of destruction. Despite being small in size, he has done some of the most unimaginable tasks for the bird’s group. He can transform into Cosmic Bubbles by passing through an extraterrestrial wormhole.

He shows different personalities at different times, making it difficult to predict his mood and what he is up to. Rather than exploding, he inflates, making him stand out from the other members of the group. Bubbles love Halloween, candies, and sweets.

5. Stella


Stella is the next Angry Birds character on our list that will fill you with optimism and enthusiasm. Stella is one of the few members of the bird flock who belong to the Golden Island rather than the Bird Island. This pink round bird is very playful and cunning and is known to be the life of the bird group. She enjoys freedom and independence and likes to stay alone. She was initially very passionate about bubble-blowing, but as she got older, she took an interest in parkour. In Angry Birds Comics, Stella and Red seem to be interested in each other and share an intimate bond. Stella is the mother figure to Luca and helps him deal with his phobia of flying.

6. Silver


Silver is the youngest prankster who pigs raised. She was born out of a stolen egg that the pigs were about to cook, but it accidentally cracked open. She acquired their mental and physical traits because she spent a good amount of time with the pigs. Her teeth are exactly like the pigs, and because of this she is outcast by the members of the Angry Birds group in the beginning. But when the bird group got to know that she cared about the eggs, they welcomed her into their group.

She has a very good sense of humor and spreads positivity to everyone. She is a skilled acrobatic and has done various inventions like the superstring, which she uses as a grapple. In The Angry Birds Movie 2, she was portrayed to be Red’s love interest.

7. Terence


The biggest threat to the nasty pigs in the Angry Birds game is the enormous-sized Terence. Terence is the biggest of all the birds and the most powerful of the flock. He doesn’t like to speak much and remains quiet most of the time. What makes him very scary and unpredictable is his lack of emotions and facial expressions. Because of his silent and reserved nature, nobody can predict what is going on in his mind. Despite his grumpy-looking personality and peculiar nature, he has a soft side he rarely shows.

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His most notable external features are two feathers on his head that make him stand out from the other birds. He has the ability to teleport himself to any dimension and space. He is also an expert in building and engineering.

8. Matilda


If you feel that all Angry Bird characters are very aggressive and blunt, then meet Matilda, who is known for her calm and composed nature. She originally lived on Bird Island and gave anger management classes to the birds to teach them how to control their anger. She eventually got married to one of her students, Terence.

Matilda is only good to the birds and the pigs until they respect her and obey her. If someone mocks her or says something bad to her, she bursts into anger and teaches them a good lesson.

Matilda respects animals and nature and hates destruction and violence. She can be seen watering her vegetables and plants most of the time. She loves cooking and bursts into tears when someone tells her that her food doesn’t taste good.

9. King Pig

King Pig

King Pig rules the Piggy Kingdom and makes plans to steal the eggs from the birds. He is the antagonist of the Angry Birds series and the heir of Leonard Mudbeard. This large, oval-shaped pig wears a crown and has dark spots on his skin. The weird thing about him is that he gets entertained by things that might annoy others, like the sound of deflating balloons. He is very ill-mannered and annoys others with his spoiled brat kind of behavior.

King Pig has very bad habits, from chewing food with an open mouth to eating large chunks of cake at a time. He takes fourteen naps a day, making him one of the laziest Angry Bird characters.

10. The Blues

The Blues

Jim, Jay, and Jack are collectively known as the Blues in the Angry Birds series. They are eastern bluebirds with identical appearance and personality traits. Unlike other birds, they do not have eyebrows and chest feathers. Jay is the blue group’s leader and instructs the other two birds about how they should proceed.

The trio of these three birds are known for their mischievous nature and for pranking the other birds. They add a youthful energy to the Angry Birds group with their presence. The Blues can damage shards of wood, and they split easily to hit the obstacles with more force.

11. Corporal Pig

Corporal Pig

If there is one Angry Bird character that will irritate you and make you feel angry, it must be Corporal Pig. Because of his bossy nature and stubborn attitude, he often becomes the target of others. He commands the Minion pigs and wears a gray helmet that distinguishes him from the other pigs. Most of the minions mock him behind his back because of his bossy nature.

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Corporal Pig is very stubborn and never learns from his mistakes. In his eyes, King Pig is the God, and he can do anything to appease him. He threatens the minions to respect him but often does things that make him a figure of mockery.

Interesting Facts About Angry Birds Characters

  • In the Angry Birds series, the group of birds is called The Flock. These birds have to fight the piggies who want to steal their eggs.
  • The oldest bird is Shirley, who appeared in two movies, and the youngest of the flock is Luca, who resembles the Blues.
  • To fight with the Pigs, the group of birds has traveled to many different environments and locations, including beaches, deserts, and underground caves.
  • King Pig, who is the emperor of the Piggy Kingdom, has never eaten any egg and doesn’t want anybody to know about this because he might be thrown off the throne.
  • The bomb is the only bird without a tail in some instances in the Angry Birds series.
  • Chuck has been named after Chuck Yeager, an American test pilot who exceeded the speed of sound in flight.
  • The ability and power of Bubbles are similar to the male Frigate Bird that inflates his red gular bag.
  • The original cast of birds was further expanded by adding Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space, and Stella characters.
  • From 2015 to 2020, many of the original Angry Bird characters underwent a visual redesign. The birds got more anthropomorphic bodies, legs, and arms.
  • Ross, the pig, is one such recurring character in Angry Birds who acts as a stand-in for other pigs.


Since the release of the Angry Birds action-puzzle game, many feathery and amusing characters with special abilities have been added to the series. From the majestic flying Mighty Eagle to the socially awkward Bomb, every flock member has their own skillset. The female angry bird characters have also impressed video game players with their unique charm, powerful traits, and charming personality. For detailed information about your favorite Angry Bird characters, you can check out the list above.

These characters are powerful and possess unique skill sets that you would have rarely seen in any other video game franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Short-Tempered Angry Birds Character?

Red is the most short-tempered Angry Birds character who gets frustrated over small things. Sometimes he even curses himself and yells at the other birds for not following his instructions. He suffers from severe anger issues and can become uncontrollable at times.

What is the Exact Age of the Angry Bird Characters?

The exact age of the Angry Bird characters can’t be determined. But Shirley is the oldest Angry Birds character, and Luca is the youngest in the flock. Newer members of the bird group, like Ice Bird and Stella, are also very popular Angry Bird characters.

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