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10 Interesting Pen and Paper Games You Can Play at a Kids Party

Austin Clark
fun games kids can play with just pen and paper

Throwing a birthday party for your kid or your little ones. Then this is the ultimate guide for you to throw a party that everyone around you will remember, and kids will have ultimate fun around you and look forward to attending more birthday parties. When you introduce kids to games to play on paper, the party will be filled with joy, laughter, and boundless creativity! When a bunch of young minds gathers in excitement, what better way to engage their minds than with a fun selection of pen and paper games? In this ultimate compendium of fun, let us take you through ten captivating and interactive activities that will keep everyone engaged.

Amidst the organized chaos of parties and treats, children, no matter what their age, will have the chance to dive into the classic world of games to play on paper with a pen. These classic entertainments bring a touch of nostalgia while inducing social interaction, critical thinking, andproblem-solving skills.

So, let’s gather around the tables and play some games.

Interesting Pen And Paper Games You Can Play At A Kids Party

1. Tic-Tac-Toe


If you are looking to find something entertaining yet simple that can engage the young brain, then you should be setting up the bracket-style competition for tic-tac-toe.

This game might be old, but sometimes old is gold, and kids can challenge each other in this classic game until one champion emerges. You should gather ’round young minds for the ultimate pen-and-paper game over the Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament!

You have to be armed with only their trusty pens and a simple grid. The children’s fun is palpable as they prepare to play in this classic game of Xs and Os.

Players carefully consider their options, anticipating their adversary’s next move while planning their counterattack. The tournament progresses, and the field narrows as champions emerge from the ranks of contenders. You have to make sure that each player gets a fair price and you get to see and hear the fun they had while playing the game.

2. Pictionary


In the 21st century, there are pictures and videos everywhere. The generation after Gen Z is born into technology, and what better way to test their intelligence than by playing a game that makes them think, laugh and learn? To play the pictionary, divide the kids into teams and give each one of them a set of words or phrases to draw on paper. The other team members must guess what their teammates are drawing within a time limit.

It’s games to play on paper that unleashes the inner artist of kids. With nothing more than paper and pen, this thrilling game sparks creativity and laughter as imaginations run wild. So let the kids gather around a table. Participants form teams, each armed with a pad of paper and a trusty pen.

The game will start with a designated “drawer” from every team. A piece of paper with a word or phrase is shown to the drawer, and the challenge begins. With a limited time frame on the watch, the drawer sets the pen in motion. They have to make the drawing without using any verbal skills.

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3. Hangman


A game that might not have the perfect name for a kid’s party, but trust me, it is such a fun game to play around kids. They would love each minute of playing this game where one player thinks about a word or phrase and draws lines for each letter on a piece of paper. The other players take turns guessing letters. For each incorrect guess, a body part is added to the hangman drawing.

It is a classic word-guessing game that has been a fun game for every kid and adult alike for generations, with nothing more than a simple sheet of paper and a pen. The beauty of Hangman lies in its simplicity and universal appeal. That is, it is one of those games to play on paper, making it a perfect game for kids’ parties, family gatherings, and classroom fun.

To enjoy Hangman, a player thinks of a word and draws a series of dashes on the paper, each representing a letter in the word. The other players take turns guessing letters one by one. If the guessed letter is in the word, the drawer fills in the corresponding dashes; if not, a part of the hangman is drawn on the paper. The game will go on till the word is guessed correctly, or the hangman is completed. It is a really fun game to play with kids.

4. Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes.png

Dots and Boxes sounds like a lot of fun as a game to play on paper. You have to create a grid of dots on paper and take turns connecting two adjacent dots with a line. Whenever a player closes a box, they write their initial inside and take another turn. In the end kid with the most boxes will win.

It never fails to engage young minds with its simple yet smart gameplay. One has to play on a grid of dots. The main objective is to connect dots with lines and form boxes. The kid who completes the most boxes wins the game.

The game starts with an empty grid of dots, and kids take turns drawing a single line between two adjacent dots. When a player successfully completes a box by drawing the fourth side, they get to claim that box with their initials and take another turn. The key to success lies in setting up traps for opponents while ensuring they don’t fall into the same traps themselves.

5. Battleships


Battles are hard, but it could be fun when you play it on paper. If you are on an outlook on games to play on paper with a pen, then Battleship is a really interesting one. Here each kid draws a grid and places their “fleet” of ships on it. Kids take turns trying to guess the coordinates of their opponent’s ships and mark the hits and misses until one player’s fleet is completely sunk.

The game starts when kids take turns calling out coordinates to locate their opponent’s hidden battleships. Like, “B4” or “E7.” The defender responds with either a hit, signified by an “X,” or a miss, indicated by an “O.” The thrill increases with each turn as players deduce the locations of the remaining ships based on hits and misses. This will go on till we have a winner whose fleet is completely sunk.

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6. Word Scramble

Word Scramble.jpg

Words are fun, especially when you are exploring them. Kids love to learn new words and try to improve their vocabulary every single day. So, what better way to have fun and learn everything? So, let’s play word scramble and learn while having fun.

You can start off by creating a list of jumbled words related to the party theme or common kids’ vocabulary. The kids have to unscramble the words and write down their answers.

Word Scramble games to play on paper is an enthralling and brain-teasing game that sparks a lot of kids’ brain nerves in a good way and challenges kids’ linguistic abilities.

Kids will gather around the table and will eagerly await the unraveling of jumbled letters in front of their eyes. It will start with the selection of a “scrambler” who picks a word or phrase to scramble secretly. With a swift and smart hand, the selected word is slowly turned into a puzzle of mixed-up letters.

As the pen rolls over the paper, the kids’ minds race, excited to be the first to unscramble the mystery word. Scribbles of potential words fill the space before them, and fun makes sure that there is some struggle and others triumph. The game requires quick thinking and creativity as kids rearrange the letters, trying to figure out the hidden gem.

7. Pass the Story

Pass the Story

Who does not like a good story? Be it a kid or an adult, everyone is down for a good story. What better than combining both of them and starting a story with a sentence on a piece of paper? Each kid adds one sentence to the story, then folds the paper to hide their sentence and passes it to the next kid. Continue until the paper is full of stories, then read the hilarious stories aloud.

These games to play on paper are filled with creativity and fun. This will help kids with their imagination and help them get lost in the beautiful world of stories. This might let the hidden writer inside the kid come out.

8. Consequences


Well, a moral lesson while playing a game? Games to play on paper consequence is a fun game to explore. In this drawing and writing game, kids take turns folding a piece of paper to hide their input and pass it to the next kid. The sequence is: 1. Name 2. Met 3. At 4. What they said 5. What they wore 6. What happened in the end? Kids fold the paper and read the silly stories.

The game starts when each participant folds their paper into sections, hiding their writings from the next kid. In the first part, they write the name of a character or anyone, carefully passing the paper to the next player. Without knowing the last entry, the next section makes them jot down the phrase “met.” So on and forth.

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When the papers are unfolded, a tale of imagination and fun is out. As the kids take chances reading their creative masterpieces aloud, the room is filled with laughter and happiness.

9. Hangman with a Twist

Hangman with a Twist

You want to play an interesting game, but you do not want to let go of the classicism of the game. Hangman with a Twist is a games to play on paper where instead of the traditional hangman, draw a silly character or creature on the paper. Each wrong guess means the piece gets a new, comical body part added.

Hangman with a Twist creates a delightful and creative twist to the usual pen-and-paper game, filled with laughter and imaginative fun. When kids are gathered around the table with their pens at the ready, they embark on a journey of wordplay like never before.

The game fosters creativity, artistic showcase, and imaginative visualization, making it a perfect game to play at parties for kids of all ages. The game would definitely uplift the spirit of any kid’s party.

10. Drawing Relay

Drawing Relay

Time to have some fun at the kid’s birthday party. Games to play on paper just got cooler with games like drawing relay. Divide the kids into teams. Each kid on the team gets a chance to draw part of a picture without showing the previous drawings. After the last person finishes, reveal the hilarious and sometimes chaotic results.

The Drawing Relay, a pen and paper game, sparks creativity and teamwork amongst the kids and makes them have fun while learning things about art, color, and friendship.

Let’s Sum Up

If you want to throw a party that everyone enjoys, then a game is a must. Kids love to play games, and they always look forward to having a blast at birthday parties. If you are the kind of person who would love to throw a party for the kids in their life, then you should consider the above games for the party. They are fun and pocket friendly. All you need are a bunch of paper and a pen, and you are good to go. Games to play on paper are an ideal way to learn about teamwork and healthy competition. The games are made in a way that they challenge kids and keep them on their toes all the time.

If you are someone with a young child or planning to have one or know people with kids and just want to keep yourself updated.

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Austin Clark
Austin Clark

Joining our team as a freelancer in 2020, Austin Clark brings a wealth of knowledge from his MA in Child Psychology from the University of Michigan. His 12-year career includes roles in child development centers, focusing on the importance of play in early childhood. Austin advocates for inclusive and educational play, often volunteering in community playgroups. Austin is also passionate about sustainable toy manufacturing. He's an avid kayaker, exploring waterways and enjoying the tranquility of nature.

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