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Simple Strategies for Teaching Preschool Sight Words

Francis Mitchell
Free Printable Sight Words for Preschool Pre-K

Looking for a creative way to teach your kid preschool sight words? Go through these simple techniques for free printable sight words for preschool pre-K. Kids are excellent at grasping if taught interestingly.

Teaching alphabets and vocabulary can be done at home, but certain skills require instructions or formal learning methods.

One such activity that requires effort but can be easily learned is preschool sight words. These words are highly used in a sentence and hence are also known as high-frequency words. Kids need to be taught about preschool sight words as they are not similar to phonics. This means that kids cannot implement the same concept of spelling each letter and making a word out of it.

Preschool sight words are those words that are commonly used and can be identified easily just by seeing or listening to them. Teaching kids preschool sight words is necessary to read faster and fluently.

Here is a compilation of fun activities and free printable sight words for preschool pre-K that can be taught to kids.

Why Learn Preschool Sight Words?

Why Learn Preschool Sight Words?

Reading and speaking are essential skills that a kid learns from preschool pre-K. Preschool sight words help enhance the kid’s vocabulary. There are many methods to recognize sight words, like memorization. But it is technically difficult for a kid to memorize more than 100 sight words which increases with their school grades.

It becomes inevitable to teach preschool sight words in the foundation years, as they’ll gain a grip on it when they use it in sentences. Besides this, learning preschool sight words is different from fundamentals of phonics as they aren’t spelled the way they sound, like the words “the,” “was,” etc. Here are a few advantages of teaching preschool sight words to kids at an early age.

  • The Preschool pre-K kids are eager to learn new things. Hence it is easier to teach them fundamentals like preschool sight words. These words are different from the alphabet and phonics that they have learned. So as parents or teachers, you can introduce these common words one at a time so that they get familiar with them.
  • Kids in preschool have better listening skills and are fond of new activities. Through certain word recognition activities, you can teach them about preschool sight words. This will help the kids gain confidence in reading and speaking, as they have learned the usage of preschool sight words in a sentence.
  • Once the kids enter preschool pre-k, they acquire readiness and curiosity with the new formal education and being around same-age children. Preschool sight words can be made into an interesting learning method where the kids read and understand the sight words. The preschool sight words will boost the kid’s comprehension skills too.
  • Preschool sight words help the kids learn the basic words to complete their sentences. Learning sight words at an early age results in fluent language and vocabulary development. Preschool sight words help improve the kid’s pronunciation, writing, and speaking skills.
  • By teaching the kids preschool sight words, you not only teach them to recognize and spell the sight words but also use these words in writing a grammatically correct sentence. With each increasing school grade, the sight words and their use in a sentence increase.

How to Teach Preschool Sight Words?

How to Teach Preschool Sight Words?

Preschool sight words are an easy and effective way to improve your kid’s vocabulary and speech. It can be taught in school and at home with the use of minimum materials and preparation time. You can start teaching preschool sight words that are 2-lettered words, so it is easier for the kid to identify.

These words include; of, it, is, on, at, etc. You can choose to form small sentences and write them on a whiteboard or book for your kid to recognize. Teaching preschool sight words is a repetitive process, so keep continuing on a few sets of words for days before you move on to the next. Once your kid identifies the preschool sight words, appreciate and applaud them to boost their confidence.

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Besides this, you can use your kid’s favorite pictorial book to teach them about preschool sight words. Using their favorite books and characters to guide them to sight words will make them enjoy the learning process and grasp them faster.

Here are a few activities you can consider at home and school to make preschool sight word learning a fun process.

1. Hide and Seek Activity

Hide and Seek Activity

Teaching kids preschool sight words can be made creative with the use of a few materials and toys. These activities should be conducted regularly both at home and school for better learning.

  • Grab some paper cups of the same or different colors for this activity. You can choose to write the preschool sight words on the cup or stick labels on them, so the cups can be re-used.
  • Choose a ball, block, or a small toy to hide beneath a cup.
  • Choose five to six preschool sight words for a recital. Place these cups in a manner that the kids can see and teach them how the words can be recited by reading them out loud.
  • Practice the preschool sight words repeatedly so they pronounce them in the right way.
  • Now, ask the kids to close their eyes while you hide the object underneath a cup.
  • Allow each student to participate by asking them to recite preschool sight words aloud and find the object underneath.
  • If they recite the preschool sight words correctly, open the cup to see whether the toy is underneath or not. Even if they don’t find the toy, appreciate their correct recitation of preschool sight words.
  • You can play this game at home and school by following the steps mentioned here.

2. Preschool Sight Words in a Sentence

Preschool Sight Words in a Sentence

Once the kids have gained a grip on the preschool sight words recital, you can move ahead to use these words in sentence formation as sight words will help kids form meaningful sentences and recognize them when used in stories.

  • You can form simple sentences with sight words and create free printable sight words for preschool pre-K on colorful papers.
  • You can choose to play the same hide-and-seek game with kids by sticking these sentences on a cup and reciting them out loud.
  • Let the kids try to find the toy or chocolate underneath by reciting the whole sentence and recognizing the preschool sight word.
  • This way, you can cultivate fluent reading habits by performing such activities in all grades regularly.
  • If this activity is for kindergarten children, you can make free printable sight words for preschool pre-K on cards by highlighting the sight word.
  • The kids have to write the preschool sight word in the given circles and spell it aloud. Later on, make them read the whole sentence for better pronunciation.
  • You can be creative with this game by using 3D letters, so the kid assembles the preschool sight word in the blanks and recites it loudly.

3. Roll, Read, and Race

Roll, Read, and Race

When kids are taught with fun games and manipulatives, they tend to learn faster and not get bored. Emphasis on teaching preschool sight words is because they are commonly used to form a sentence, and their pronunciation is different from the individual alphabets. Teaching kids through free printables sight words for preschool pre-K is easy as they are learning alphabets and phonics simultaneously.

  • Choose a dice as a manipulative for this activity. You can choose to number the sides of the dice or stick labels with preschool sight words. When the kids have something to play with, it makes the game and learning both a fun process.
  • Make a preschool sight word sheet that can be practiced by the kids in school and at home.
  • If you are using numbers on the dice, put numbers at the bottom of each column in the sheet.
  • When the kids roll the dice, and receive a number, make a drill to recite the word aloud.
  • You can choose to keep the rows blank for the kids to recite and write. This way, they’ll have a practice of preschool sight words.
  • As per the title of the activity, you can make it a fun game by seeing which kid recites the preschool sight words correctly and completes the sheet first.
  • Besides this, you also have the option to include sentences in each bottom row that have underlined preschool sight words. You can continue to perform the same drill.
  • You can get a free printable sight word for preschool pre-K sheet from here.
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4. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

A perfect way to teach preschool sight words is by involving all the kids in the activity. You can form 2 groups to make it a nice treasure hunt competition. Besides this, you can get these sheets for free printable sight words for preschool pre-K online and perform the same activities at home.

  • Take 2 printouts of the preschool sight words sheet or write them down on blank paper.
  • Write the same preschool sight words on sticky notes or labels and hide them differently on the classroom walls, cupboards, tables, etc.
  • Make the kids recite the preschool sight words first, and then let them find the label.
  • Once they find the same label, tell them to stick it on the same preschool sight word.
  • You can also choose to write sentences with underlined preschool sight words and tell the kids to find the label.
  • This activity will make the kids run around to find the sight word, and the competition will make them work together faster.
  • You can add creativity to the activity by sticking more preschool sight words on the walls and less on the sheet. Ask them to spell and recite each word they see on the wall. This will make them look around for more time and increase their fluency in reciting.

5. Preschool Sight Word Puzzle

Preschool Sight Word Puzzle

Teaching preschool sight words to kids includes creativity and can be performed with the materials available at home. By using new activities to teach preschool sight words, you maintain the kid’s readiness and interest in learning. Apart from this, there are so many free printable sight words for preschool pre-K available online, which makes it easier even for parents to teach at home.

  • For this activity, use colorful popsicle sticks for preschool pre-K kids, and if you are playing this activity for a higher grade, use the same colored sticks.
  • Write the preschool sight words with a black marker by holding two sticks.
  • Separate the sticks in different directions and let the kids search for the other stick like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • In this activity, the kids will learn to recognize sight words and even colors.
  • Once they find the other stick, tell them to spell and recite the preschool sight words.
  • There are certain words, like away, think, etc., that are too huge for the kids to pronounce. You can break the words down with phonics like “th-in-k” and help them recite.
  • You can encourage the kids to complete the maximum puzzle in less time and give a nice applause on their win.
  • You can try this activity at home by following the steps mentioned here.

6. Bead a Word

Bead a Word

The best part about teaching kids preschool sight words is that you can use any material, toy, things like clay, sand, etc., that is already available at home. This makes it a cost-effective and interesting way of kid’s learning. Different types of preschool sight word activities allow all types of kids to participate equally and enjoy the learning process.

  • Print some preschool sight words or write them on a piece of paper. Make small labels containing each sight word.
  • In this activity, you can use letter beads, letter blocks, clay, or 3D blocks for making preschool sight words.
  • Give each child 4 to 5 labels that have preschool sight words on them and the above materials.
  • Follow the drill of reciting the sight words aloud, and then, with the help of beads or blocks, assemble each letter to make the preschool sight word.
  • You can choose to dictate the preschool sight words and allow the kids to bead or mold the word on their own. This way, you can see how the kids have memorized the spelling of words and what they are interpreting.
  • This activity will teach them to listen and execute carefully.
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7. Hopping on Preschool Sight Words

Hopping on Preschool Sight Words

Preschool sight word teaching is not only limited to the indoors. You can make it more fun and interesting by using the outdoors to make the kids learn. Kids usually enjoy outdoor games, and with an entire day of memorizing and counting, they need to run around. Teaching preschool sight words at an early age is necessary so that the kids don’t develop a fear of these words if they aren’t able to spell them or recognize them. Hence, preschool sight words are taught in a creative way where learning is mixed with play.

  • Use your outdoor area where you can use chalk and write preschool sight words.
  • You can choose to write similar letters on small labels and give them to the kids so they can find the sight word.
  • Make this activity interesting by reciting the preschool sight word loud and telling the kids to hop on the word they hear. This will make them attentive in listening and reading the sight words.
  • Apart from this, you can write down the alphabet in individual boxes or a grid format for a new activity. You can recite the preschool sight words and tell them to hop on the first letter.
  • For example, tell the kid to jump on the letter that starts the word “The” or “Bat.”
  • This way, they’ll learn the sound of the words and know how the preschool sight words are recited.


Free printable sight words for preschool pre-K can help enthusiastic parents teach their kids at home and develop good vocabulary skills. Preschool sight word activities at school can keep the kids engaged constructively by breaking their boredom and introducing them to new ways of learning.

Once the kids are introduced to the alphabet and phonics, it is the perfect time for them to learn preschool sight words. By teaching them sight words, kids are introduced to the concept that each letter makes a particular sound. With the repetitive practice of preschool sight words by writing, reading, recognizing, and reciting, kids gain a grip on them.

Teaching kids preschool sight words has become easier and more creative with the usage of different materials and techniques.

By indulging the kids in these activities, you do not need the kids to memorize all the preschool sight words. All free printable sight words in preschool pre-K that you’ll use will involve speaking, writing, and reading drills.

These preschool sight word activities will teach the kids how to use them in sentences all the time.

Francis Mitchell
Francis Mitchell

Francis Mitchell, possessing an Ed.D. from the University of Oxford, has been a pivotal member of various educational content teams since 2021. His experience spans over two decades, including a tenure as a curriculum developer for international schools. He is known for his hands-on workshops for educators and parents. His expertise in creating engaging learning activities makes him a perfect professional. He is a great reader and enjoys writing educational children’s books in his spare time.

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