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Checklist for Newborns: The Ultimate Guide for New Parents

Wendy Turner
Ultimate newborn baby essentials checklist

You are about to become a mother! This milestone in life mustn’t be filled with constant worries. And a worrisome situation is if you don’t stock up on the baby essentials beforehand.

A newborn checklist is a must for to-be mothers and fathers as it helps you to be ready to handle all new things about your newborn with ease.

Creating a list and ensuring everything is taken care of in it is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on any baby essentials.

Here,, we have created a list for you with newborn essentials that cover every aspect of taking care of the baby. Have a look.

Newborn Checklist for Crib

Newborn Checklist for Crib .png

Let’s start with the thing that your baby is going to be using a lot, which is the crib. Here is everything that you need to ensure your baby’s crib must have.

  • Crib: When you are choosing a crib for your newborn, you must ensure it is a closed space that provides cozy sleep to your baby. It should have adjustable height so you can adjust it according to your bed’s height.
  • Mattress: The mattress is even more important than a crib because your baby will be directly in contact with it, and the sleep quality will depend on the quality and features of the mattress. Pick mattresses that are made using comfortable, soft, and safe materials. The mattress should also be breathable and easy to clean.
  • Baby Basket: For the starting 6 months, you will want your baby close to you at most times. For that, you will need a baby basket that you can keep beside you on the bed and carry with you everywhere. It is lightweight, easy to move, and helps you carry your baby around with ease.
  • Sheet for Baby Basket:For most baskets, you have to buy the sheets separately. Make sure the sheets are made from organic material and are breathable. Waterproofing is an added bonus, as this will keep your baby dry and help you clean the sheets easily.
  • Receiving Blankets: Choose soft and lightweight blankets that offer the deepest comfort to your newborn. The blanket should hug the baby, provide perfect warmth, and should be made using baby-friendly materials so it doesn’t cause rashes or irritability.
  • Baby Sleeping Bags: These are to ensure your baby doesn’t lose out on quality sleep when traveling. A sleeping bag offers a snug fit, is tender, and provides deep, cushiony comfort to your little one while moving from one place to another.

Newborn Checklist for Sleep Accessories

Newborn Checklist for Sleep Accessories .png

You have the perfect crib, mattress, basket, etc. But this isn’t enough. There are other things that your child needs to enjoy a soothing sleep time.

We highlight the important sleep accessories for your newborn below.

  • This newborn checklist is essential to give you peace of mind during the times you are in other parts of the house than your kid. With this monitor, you can leave your kid to attend to other chores without rushing in to check from time to time. It lets you know when your baby is awake by transmitting the sound through a speaker.
  • If your baby is not being able to sleep, put them on a rocking chair and lull them to sleep in seconds. Apart from this, a rocking chair has a number of other benefits, like helping your baby get a sense of balance as the back-and-forth rocking develops their vestibular system. Also, the rocking chair comes in handy when you can no longer hold your baby in your arms as it fits your toddler snugly, giving them the feeling of being held.
  • With babies, you never know how many times you will be waking up to feed, soothe, or put them to sleep. A night light is what you need for a calming glow during the nighttime caretaking of your baby. It will cast a soft glow that will be enough to make you see in the dark without disturbing your baby. You can keep the light on while the baby sleeps, as complete darkness may be scary for newborns.
  • Most babies are left uncomfortable because of inadequate sleep and cot settings owing to too hot or cold room temperatures. Get a room thermometer to know the temperature of the room your baby is in so you can arrange for your baby to stay comfortable at all times.
  • Toys moving in tune with rhythmic music is what makes your baby happy and calm. The hanging toys can be attached to the crib so that they stay in view of the baby whenever they wake up, feel agitated, etc. The toys are squeezable, which allows your baby to grab and play with them. The crib mobile accessories come with other features like vibrations, heartbeat sounds, and more.
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Newborn Checklist for Feeding

Newborn Checklist for Feeding

Your newborn will be eating as much as sleeping, so it is important to get all the feeding essentials beforehand. Irrespective of whether you breastfeed or feed your newborn with a bottle, here are some newborn checklists for feeding that you must have for safe and comfortable feeding.

Breastfeeding will become easier and more hassle-free with the nursing bra. These can easily be unlatched to breastfeed your child. They are also built to support heavy breasts during your breastfeeding days.

Milk leakages are normal in breastfeeding mothers, and nursing pads help in absorbing the leaked milk. They are worn between the bra and the breast to keep away the mess and ensure you don’t have to change often.

A baby needs breast milk till they are 1 year of age. For such a long time, you want to keep a breast pump handy to tackle any emergency and ensure your baby never goes without being fed with breast milk. A breast pump also helps you stock up on milk and store it when you are not around or prefer to feed your milk via bottles.

The little one can suck hard during breastfeeding, and that can lead to irritation and wounds. Nipple cream will help you deal with swelling and irritation. It will soothe and heal your skin in that area.

When your baby is past 6 months of age, you will be feeding them a lot of different solid and liquid food. Muslin clothes or bibs on their front will ensure food marks during eating and feeding doesn’t spoil the newborn’s clothes.

If you are feeding infant formula to your baby, you will need feeding bottles. You must get 4 and 8-ounce bottles as your baby’s requirements will keep changing as you introduce new foods and your baby grows up.

It is very important to make sure the things your baby uses are sparkling clean. For bottles, get the bottle brushes for easy and quick cleaning with perfect results. The brushes are specially designed for feeding bottles and clean every part, from the nipples to the insides of the bottle, perfectly well.

Cleaning the bottle with soap and water is not enough. It needs to be sterilized so that your baby doesn’t get any infections from its reuse. Sterilization of the things your baby uses helps rid it of all the bacteria. You can sterilize the bottle and other reusable equipment through cold water, boiling, or steaming methods.

Newborn Checklist for Change Essentials

Newborn Checklist for Change Essentials

No one likes the arduous task of changing a baby’s nappy. But with this newborn checklist for change essentials, the task will become a little easier.

  • Wipes: Clean your baby using natural wipes. The wipes should be made using organic and soft material, preferably cotton. They should not have alcohol or any chemicals as the skin of the baby is very delicate.
  • Barrier Cream: This is essential to protect your child’s sensitive skin from rashes and irritation from the constant use of diapers. Apply the cream after cleaning and before putting on the diaper.
  • Diaper: To change the diaper of your newborn, a changing table and mat help you do it hygienically without creating a mess on the floor or any surface. The table and mat are made using soft materials and are easy to clean.
  • Nappy Bin: Investing in a thoughtfully designed nappy bin will help you discard used nappies easily. Choose bins that have drop and go system, odor-locking feature, and anti-bacterial-treated touch points so you can quickly dispose of the waste nappies without leaving your baby for too long.
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Newborn Checklist for Bath

Newborn Checklist for Bath

Bathing your baby is an essential part of taking care of your newborn. To do it right, you need certain things, and they are listed below.

  • A baby bathtub comes in the exact size of a toddler and helps position the baby for an easy bath routine.
  • A baby bath jug is very different from a regular adult bath jug. A baby bath jug has a design that fits the baby’s head and allows you to pour water over their body away from their eyes. So make sure you get one, and do not bathe your little one with a regular bath jug.
  • You don’t want chemical-laden shampoos and soaps to bathe your baby with. Choose shampoos and soaps made especially for kids that are free from harsh ingredients.
  • Let bath time be extra fun and educative, too, with toys that enhance the curiosity of your little one. Choose squeezy toys that can float on water.
  • After bathing your baby, pat dry your baby’s skin with a soft washcloth. Choose clothes made from muslin, cotton, or bamboo blend as they are good water absorbers and soft against the delicate baby skin.
  • Save your knees from pain and discomfort while you bathe your newborn. The soft kneeler can help you stay on your knees for a long time without feeling the urge to change positions.
  • Your skin is not as sensitive as your baby’s, and so what feels normal to you might not be for your little one. So, you need a bath thermometer that can tell you when the water reaches the ideal temperature for your baby.
  • After washing your baby dry, wrap them in a wearable towel till you can moisturize them and put them into their baby clothes. The towel also helps you hold your baby easily.
  • Choose a soothing and nourishing moisturizer to apply to the freshly bathed skin of your baby. It will keep the skin of your baby supple, soft, and healthy.

Newborn Checklist for Clothing

Newborn Checklist for Clothing

Shopping for baby clothes is one of the biggest joys for parents. You might splurge on them and buy too many cute tees and pants for your little one. But certain clothes are a must-pick for newborns.

  • Singlets: These are the most comfortable type of clothing for babies. They are one-piece clothing featuring a top and shorts. These can be worn anytime during the day and night.
  • Baby Grows: You must buy a decent number of baby grows or sleepsuits for your newborn. Baby grows come in one piece with feet and allow your baby to enjoy a comforting and snug sleep without being able to kick them off.
  • Sweaters or Cardigans: Shop for these for the winter months. These will provide an additional cover for your young ones and shield them from the cold.
  • Snowsuits: For areas that receive snowfall or turn extremely cold during the winter, a snowsuit will protect your baby well.
  • Day Outfits: Whether your newborn is heading out or staying in, it is good to have them dressed in nice day outfits. Buy colorful tees and pants or skirts made using natural and soft materials.
  • Beanies: If you are taking your newborn out in the sun, make sure you have something to protect their heads with. Get beautiful sun hats or beanies that cover their head properly without falling off.

Newborn Checklist for Travel

Newborn Checklist for Travel .jpg

Traveling with a newborn can be quite stressful as you might be constantly worrying about your baby being comfortable and away from sickness. But with this newborn checklist, we are sure you can travel along with your baby with peace.

  • Car Seat: A car seat helps keep your baby protected throughout the bumpy car ride. It helps prevent accidents and enhances your baby’s safety.
  • Baby Carrier: Carrying your baby in your arms while you are out can be tiring. Instead, opt for a baby carrier that you can attach to your body and keep your baby inside for comfort, safety, and easy portability.
  • Pram: If you are not for baby carriers, use prams or pushchairs to take your baby from one place to another with ease.
  • Portable Changing Mat: If you are dreading the time when you will have to change the nappies of your baby while on the move, a portable changing mat should release some of your tension. It can be carried in your bag and used to change the diapers of your baby in a jiffy, no matter where you are.
  • Diaper Disposable Bags: Don’t forget to carry diaper disposable bags. They will help you get rid of used nappies hygienically when you are out and about.
  • Extra Pair of Clothing and Blankets: It’s always safe to carry an extra pair of baby clothing along with some blankets to deal with changes in weather and spoiled dresses.
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Newborn Checklist for Health

Newborn Checklist for Health .jpg

Seeing your baby fall sick is the last thing you would want. But inevitable as it may be, you want to stay prepared for any circumstances and avoid infections and injuries as much as possible with this newborn checklist for health essentials.

Get a Nasal Aspirator to help you keep the nasal passage of your little one clear of mucus and dirt. This device comes with a pipe that needs to be inserted inside the nose of your baby while you blow their nose from the other end. It is a pain-free and safe way to clear your baby’s nose.

Always carry a thermometer to know your baby’s temperature. The most practical thermometer for a baby is a forehead thermometer. It works digitally and shows accurate temperature by placing it on the forehead. If the thermometer shows that your baby has a fever, Infant Acetaminophenis the most reliable medicine for babies who are 2 months or older. It is used for mild fevers and body aches. But before using it, consult with your pediatrician first.

Another thing that can catch up with your baby is stomach problems. Traveling, eating certain foods, etc., can cause your baby to develop gastro issues. Use gas drops to offer instant relief to your baby.

Anything that you reuse on your baby needs to be wiped clean after and before every use. Use wipes for thermometers, nail clippers, etc., to keep them free of germs.

Bandages or Disinfectants are useful for any accidents or injuries to your baby. Baby wounds are not that deep or serious, so a bandage or disinfectant is enough to heal the wound and stop any growth of bacteria.

Lastly, keep a baby manicure kit close by because a baby’s nails grow at a surprisingly fast rate. If not clipped at the right time, the baby can get injured with their own long, sharp nails. So, use a baby manicure kit to keep the nails of your little one in check.

Final Words

So, this was the ultimate newborn checklist for essentials that your baby will need until they become old enough.

We know the list could make you feel overwhelmed as there are so many things to buy and keep ready.

But once you have the newborn checklist of essentials ready with you, the peace of mind that you will feel is worth all the effort.

In the end, it’s for your baby’s well-being and safety and your own convenience, so it is something you can’t avoid.

Apart from these lists, always keep an emergency contact for any instant consultation with your pediatrician. We wish you all the best with your pregnancy and welcoming your newborn.

Wendy Turner
Wendy Turner

As a certified pediatric nurse with a Master's in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, Wendy Turner has enriched various content since 2018. She also holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Yale University. Her focus is on sleep training and creating effective bedtime routines for children. She also conducts groundbreaking studies on child sleep patterns. Wendy is a children's book author in her spare time, focusing on stories that soothe and prepare children for sleep.

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