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Top 15 Must-Have Baby Gifts for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Jonathan Murphy
Best Practical Baby Gifts for First Christmas

First Christmas’ is always very special. It creates beautiful memories for families to remember and cherish forever. If you have a tiny new addition to your family, then it is a must for you to give them a precious first Christmas celebration. And gifts are the best way to make any occasion special and joyful. Gifts are very personal and a token of love to the other person.

Selecting a gift for the baby’s first Christmas is quite a task. When choosing a gift for a small baby, you have to make sure that it is interesting for the baby and practical, too.

If you also want to opt for some fantastic gifts that are perfect for your baby’s first Christmas, then keep reading the article to discover some fantastic and practical options.

Best First Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

We have made a guide for baby’s first Christmas gifts that will help you in finding the perfect gift for your little family member. There are many diverse options from which you can choose.

You can make this holiday season memorable by buying a beautiful gift for your baby’s first Christmas. Give this big milestone a nice start by gifting them something special.

Let’s check out the wonderful options that embody the spirit of Christmas.

1. The Night Before Christmas Recordable Storybook

The Night Before Christmas Recordable Storybook .jpg

Giving a storybook is a classic gift for a baby’s first Christmas. This story could be a perfect start for the baby to know about the cheerful holiday season. Recording the story in your voice is a great feature and will help in a special bonding with the baby. Every time the baby listens to the storybook, a familiar voice narrates the story, making the book even more special and intimate.

2. Gym and Play Kits

Gym and Play Kits .jpg

A gym and play kit is an interesting gift for a baby. It consists of several playing items which will keep the baby engaged in the fun activities. It helps in the growth of the baby. It also includes some cute hanging toys that the baby can bat while playing. The babies love this kind of kit and playing materials.

This gift will last for a long time, and every time the baby plays, it will surely create many happy memories.

3. Plush Take-Along Toy

Plush Take-Along Toy .jpg

An adorable plush take-along toy can make up for one of the best gifts for a baby’s first Christmas. It is a musical toy that consists of some soothing melodies which are good for the baby. This toy can easily be fitted into any place, irrespective of the space. It is also loved by parents because it builds the baby’s interest in the beautiful melodies. It is a great gift as it can be gifted to either boy or girl.

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4. Plush Rocker

Plush Rocker

An animal plush rocker is an adorable gift for a baby’s first Christmas. The rocker will help stimulate the baby visually. They will learn how to balance and will develop motor skills, too. It is a portable rocker which can be transferred into any room. The plush rocker is very soft and won’t endanger the safety of the baby in any way.

The babies love plush rockers as they are quite eye-catching and fun to play with.

5. Cute Snowman Jumpsuit

Cute Snowman Jumpsuit

Dressing up during the holiday season is quite fun. And there is nothing better than a cute holiday-appropriate jumpsuit for the baby’s first Christmas celebration. Gifting a cute snowman jumpsuit to the baby is a fantastic idea. The jumpsuit would look adorable on the little one. Their sweetness in the little jumpsuit will make Christmas filled with lovely memories.

6. Baby Walker

Baby Walker

A baby walker is a very thoughtful gift for the baby’s first Christmas. It is a great gift when the baby begins to walk or crawl by holding onto the things in the room. The walker would be a nice help to the baby in learning how to walk faster and be independent. It looks beautiful, and babies enjoy walking through walkers. The parents love the baby walkers with a sturdy structure and strong build, providing extra support to the baby.

7. Knitted Pom Pom Hat

Knitted Pom Pom Hat .jpg

A knitted hat is a must for the baby in the colder climate. A knitted pom hat relating to the Christmas season is one of the best gifting options for the baby’s First Christmas. A white and red hat is a great combination that reflects the cheery spirits of Christmas and would look charming on the head of the baby. It is certainly the easiest and most practical gift for newborn babies.

8. Teething Baby Blocks

Teething Baby Blocks

Teething baby blocks are an innovative gift for the baby. It assists the baby in its teething phase. The cute letters and designs on the teething blocks will help them with brain stimulation. In the coming years, it will be easy for them to learn about letters, shapes, and countings. The attractive colors of the blocks would grab the attention of the babies for a longer period.

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9. Christmas Pyjamas for Baby

Christmas Pyjamas for Baby

Gifting a good quality Christmas pajama to the baby is a great way to show your love and care towards them. A pajama with a sweet message for the baby’s first Christmas would make the gift even more special and intimate. Many families also have a tradition of wearing matching pajama sets for Christmas Day. Giving the baby a cute pajama set could be a start of a new tradition with the newest member of the family. It will surely create some wonderful memories for your family that you will cherish forever.

10. Christmas Silicone Bibs

Christmas Silicone Bibs

Bibs are essential for the baby. Therefore, a Christmas silicone bib would be an amazing choice of gift for the baby’s Christmas holiday. It will save the baby and their clothes from getting dirty. The silicone bibs are also easy to clean and are more durable than the regular cloth bibs. Also, the photographs of the holiday celebration would look even more adorable when the baby is wearing a Christmas bib.

11. Soother Blanket

Soother Blanket

A soother blanket is a gift that would provide comfort and calmness to the baby during sleep and at times of distress. It is a half-stuffed animal and half blanket that tends to soothe the baby. It helps the baby and is loved by the parents as well. This charming soother blanket is super soft and comes in many cute characters. It is a great blanket for the baby to hold and snuggle during strolls around the park.

12. Utensils for Baby

Utensils for Baby .jpg

Baby utensils are a necessity when it comes to the house with a newborn baby. Normal utensils can be too big for the baby and it can make the task of feeding food to the baby very difficult. That is why baby utensils are one of the most practical gift options for the baby’s first Christmas. It includes spoons, plates, and cups in beautiful designs and colors. It can be a great help for the parents while feeding their baby.

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13. Walking Baby Shoes

Walking Baby Shoes

Walking shoes are an extraordinary part of childhood. Make sure to gift good quality walking shoes to the baby this Christmas. The shoes are a great accessory for the babies. It helps their little toes to keep a firm step on the ground when they are learning to walk. The shoes come in many different colors and designs for you to choose from.

14. Keepsake Box for Baby

Keepsake Box for Baby .jpg

There are a lot of things that occupy the space in the home with a new baby. There can be a little shortage of storage space when a new family member enters your home. That is why you can gift a keepsake box for storage and organization needs. It is a very useful gift for the baby’s first Christmas. There are many attractive colors in these keepsake boxes. These boxes are big enough to store the baby’s essential items that are needed every day.

15. Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank .jpeg

A piggy bank is a very special gift for the baby’s first Christmas. It is a great way to start savings for the adorable little member of the family. It will be cherished as a beautiful memory of their childhood many years from now. You can also add a little bit of money to this beautiful piggy bank as a token of love from your side.


The First Christmas of the baby brings happiness and new beginnings of traditions into the house. This happiness gets doubled when the family comes together to celebrate the first holiday season of the newest member of the family. Gifts make these kinds of celebrations even more special.

We hope that you liked our suggestions for the baby’s first Christmas gifts that are not only memorable but practical, too. The gifts would become childhood treasures for the baby, and they will cherish them for years to come.

Good luck, and gift the baby a memory of a lifetime.

Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy

With a degree in Fashion Marketing from Parsons School of Design, Jonathan Murphy has been shaping the children's apparel section since 2015. His background includes roles in fashion merchandising and consulting for upcoming children's wear brands. His experience at a renowned kids' fashion label makes him a professional. Jonathan's passion extends beyond fashion, as he's also involved in promoting sustainable fashion practices. An urban cyclist, he finds city rides a perfect way to unwind and gather fresh ideas.

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