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6 Best Twin Bassinet for Safe Newborn Sleep [Buyer’s Guide]

Wendy Turner

Getting to know that you are having twins brings double the amount of joy into your life; however, it also means that you need to prepare twice as much for it. Parenthood is not easy, especially the first couple of months when you are learning as you go.

Your children need you all the time for feeding, cleaning, and care. With twins, that is even trickier. You are always on your heels.

Midnight feeding and care can be exhausting, which is why having a twin bassinet in your room might save you some energy. You won’t have to rush every time the babies need you, and they will need you a lot. Keeping them together will only strengthen their bond as twins; it is a joy to behold that bond grows. It’s easier to keep an eye on them too.

Let’s explore some twin bassinets that fit your needs!

1. Simmons Kids Twin Sleeper Bassinet

Simmons Kids Twin Sleeper Bassinet

With a simple and effective design, this twin bassinet is a great option for any new parents with twins. The twin bassinet is durable and features mesh walls and sides. These mesh walls and sides allow excellent airflow so the bassinet doesn’t feel too closed off. You twins, too, can look at each other easily while having a separate space for themselves.

Another great feature of this twin bassinet is its adjustable height. If you keep the bassinet by your bedside for late-night feeding, you do not want it to be too low or too high. You hardly have the energy to bend down too low or get to the twins at an awkward angle. The adjustable height features make it so much more convenient.

What you will also appreciate is the storage the twin bassinet provides. You don’t want to carry the tissues and diaper every time (especially at night) to the bassinet. You can keep the essential supplies right on it.

The mattress pad is water resistant, and it’s very easy to remove and change the sheets on the mattress.

2. Halo Twin Sleeper Bassinet

Halo Twin Sleeper Bassinet

If you need more features in your twin bassinet than just the essential ones, this is the bassinet for you. This modern bassinet is loaded with very interesting features. Like the Simmons twin bassinet, it too features mess walls, which allow good airflow and don’t feel claustrophobic. You twins can also look at each other while having enough space for themselves.

Besides that, the bassinet features a soothing center for your babies. It vibrates and plays soothing music for the babies to lull them into a relaxing sleep.

What you also get is the choice of lowering the wall; this helps you to get to your babies easily without having to get out of bed. Just place the bassinet next to the bed and lower the wall to reach them.

The bassinet can rotate a full 360 degrees so that you can get to both of your babies easily, especially at night.

All these extra features come at a higher price than a standard bassinet; if you can invest in one, this is a great choice.

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3. Twin Nursery Center By Baby Trend

Twin Nursery Center By Baby Trend

If you want a twin bassinet that comes with a nice canopy each, this twin nursery center by Baby Trends is perfect for you. The twin Rock A Bye bassinets are removable, and each also features two toys that will keep your twins entertained and busy. They also have a carry handle of their own.

The bassinets are very roomy and will accommodate your twins spaciously. The Nursery Center has sturdy, big wheels, which makes moving the twins around an easy task. You also get a large changing table.

A parent organizer is a handy addition to the play yard. For security, you get a one-hand locking mechanism that makes the play yard stable. The large wheels allow you to move it across places easily. You also get a tote bag for storing all the essentials so that you won’t run around for child supplies at night.

Your twine will enjoy the wonderful music and nature sounds that are part of its extensive features. You can control the volume and select music or nature sounds. There is also a night light and a vibration system installed.

This Twin nursery center has an answer to all your needs and then some. Again, all these extra features mean the price range will be a little higher.

4. Pack ‘N Play Playard By Graco

Pack ‘N Play Playard By Graco

A cozy, quilted playard with a twin bassinet will give your twins a safe and comfortable resting space. The construction of the bassinet is roomy and cozy. It comes with a canopy that helps block out light and distractions and keeps your babies safe so they can nap.

The sides are made of mesh to regulate air flow and maintain temperature. Your babies will be able to look at each other through the mesh walls and not feel trapped or claustrophobic in there. The canopy will block away sunlight and protect your kids from harsh UV rays.

The play yard is a great space to allow the twins some fun movement. It is easy to transform it into a playpen for your twins. They can safely tire themselves out before napping so you, too, can catch up on some much-needed sleep.

This particular twin bassinet is designed to be a travel bassinet. You can travel around and run errands with your twins comfortably placed in it. It is very convenient to travel with, trust us, that is a big advantage and will come in handy.

5. Ihoming Twin Bassinet

Ihoming Twin Bassinet

This twin bassinet is designed for co-sleeping, and there are only a few co-sleeping bassinet for twins. As a new parent, we can understand that you want to keep the babies close to you. In order to facilitate that, one side of this twin bassinet can roll down completely. Once down, you can attach it to the bed and have access to your babies.

The bassinet features a locking wheel, which enables safe movement of the babies from one place to another. Just like the bassinets in the list above, this, too, has mesh walls to prioritize breathability and allow good visibility.

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A special feature of this twin bassinet is the option for a slight incline, which can be soothing for some babies. Another advantage of this twin bassinet is that it is designed to take more weight than most others. So, it can accommodate slightly bigger babies just as well.

6. Twin Nursery Center By Joovy

Twin Nursery Center By Joovy

This twin nursery center comes with a twin bassinet and a changing table. If you are looking for a complete playpen with a bassinet and a changing station, this is the perfect fit for you.

This Twin nursery provides you with a removable divider that you can place or remove at your convenience. If you want your twins to play together, you can remove the divider, and when they need their own space to sleep, you can put it up.

If you are taking your twins on errands, the twin bassinet here is lightweight and very easy to carry. If you want to take your twins out for a picnic to let them enjoy the wonders of nature safely, you can carry the playpen outside for a fun day out.

The twin nursery center also has a changing table, which you can easily remove whenever it is unused. All in all, this twin nursery is a complete package.

Some Safe Sleep Tips for Your Newborn

1. Get Your Twins to Nap at the Same Time

This little tip will be very important to new parents of twin children. You want to get both the kids on the same sleeping schedule. This is important because if they are napping and sleeping at different times, you will be up at all times. Sooner or later, the exhaustion will get to you.

Secondly, having the same sleep schedule for the twins will ensure quality sleep for both your babies. When one is up, that child is likely to disturb the other child who is napping; that way, neither of them will have a good rest. This holds even for playtime, and you want your twins to play with each other, work on strengthening their bond, and tire themselves out.

Syncing the sleep time of the babies might take a little work, but be patient. In good time, it will happen.

2. Let Them Learn to Soothe Themselves to Sleep

As new parents, we understand you are very protective of your twins and don’t want to see them in discomfort at all. Part of caring for them is rocking them in your arms to sleep. While this is great, you do want to gradually allow the kids to be able to sleep on their own.

To do that, you need to put the babies in their bassinet after their bedtime activity. It will take some time, but that way, your twins will learn to sleep independently, which will be very helpful to you. You have to understand children are stronger than they appear, and they learn very quickly.

3. Swaddling

Swaddling your babies is a tried and tested method to soothe them and make them comfortable enough for sleep. Do not swaddle too tightly or too loosely, and you can learn how to swaddle your babies properly here: How to Swaddle a Baby. You can stop swaddling your babies once they reach 2 months of age.

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4. Remember Your Twins Have Different Personalities

Because twins have a deep connection with each other and are sometimes identical, we can forget that they will have different temperaments. It is not uncommon that one of your babies will be calmer and the other a bit more troublesome. This can mean that you will be more inclined to pay attention to the more naughty among the two.

It’s important that both your babies get your attention, and doing that is not simple. This is why when you put them to sleep, it’s important to take the help of your partner or anyone from the family or friends. So both the kids can get equal attention.

5. Temperature Control

In the first few months, parents can think their babies need more clothing to keep them warm. Usually, one extra layer of clothing is enough for the babies. If your twins have been waking up a lot through the night, check if they are not too hot or too cold.

It is recommended that when you put your babies to sleep in their cribs or bassinets, you remove the extra plush toys, loose clothing, or extra bedding from there.

Besides that, the bassinet or crib should have a firm waterproof mattress. Put your babies to sleep on their backs.

6. Pre-Bedtime Activities

The first few years with your children will pass by instantly, and it’s good to have your pre-bedtime rituals with them. Signing them a lullaby from your childhood or reading them stories, rituals like these are ones that you will cherish for a lifetime. Make them part of the routine before you put the babies to bed. That way, your babies will recognize this routine with the time to sleep.


New parents get a lot of advice about how to raise their children; with twins, more advice and judgment will come your way. Remember not to stress too much, and enjoy the time you will get while they are still young.

With twins, it’s convenient for you to have twin bassinets. You can keep your twins together and keep an eye on them. There are many features that twin bassinets have, from a playpen to a changing station. You can also go for one with natural sounds and music to help soothe the babies.

Perhaps you want to have a minimalistic approach and need a twin bassinet that is easy to carry and provides comfortable space for your babies.

Whatever you want, there is a twin bassinet for you on the list. We wish you all the best with parenthood, and It’s hard but a lot more rewarding.

Wendy Turner
Wendy Turner

As a certified pediatric nurse with a Master's in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University, Wendy Turner has enriched various content since 2018. She also holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Yale University. Her focus is on sleep training and creating effective bedtime routines for children. She also conducts groundbreaking studies on child sleep patterns. Wendy is a children's book author in her spare time, focusing on stories that soothe and prepare children for sleep.

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