As I mentioned in my last post, 9 Tips for Traveling with Your ToddlerI love to pack light. Since baby number 2 is close to making her debut, I have been thinking about what will be in my diaper bag for baby and toddler! What you put in your diaper bag is really your take on motherhood. Some of us like to be prepared for WWIII at all times while some of us are more minimalists. When it comes to carrying a bag around by myself with two little ones, I like to think of myself more on the latter.

Because I will have a newborn and an almost two-year-old soon, I have realized that if I don’t purposely pack light, my diaper bag could easily weigh TOO MUCH. So, this is what’s in my diaper bag for baby and toddler. Like I said, maybe you’ll add to it or maybe you are even more of a minimalist than me!

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My Diaper Bag

diaper bag

The most important part of what to pack in your diaper bag is actually, what diaper bag you have. With my first baby, I had this big cute bag but what ended up happening is it would fall off my shoulder as I carried Eli in his car seat and be hanging from my elbow till I could get it back up! It quickly became too much to carry.

Now that number 2 is almost here, I invested in the KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack and it has already saved me!! I throw it on my back, its supported well, waterproof and super lightweight. In fact- I’m pretty sure it weighs less with everything packed than my first did with nothing in it! And, bye-bye to it sliding off my shoulder.

Now, what goes in my new Cadillac of diaper bags you ask?

diaper bag inside

Diapers- I have about 5 diapers for each of my kiddos that conveniently go in the diaper pouches. Newborn on one side, size 4 on the other.

Wipes- Obviously. Ok, so, my diaper bag also has this cool back zipper so I don’t have to dig through the whole backpack just to grab stuff for a quick diaper change. It’s amazing, especially when your baby is crying and you are changing on a diaper station in a public place. This is where I put my pack of wipes.

Diaper Mat- I don’t go anywhere without a diaper mat, cus there ain’t no way I’m laying my kiddo straight on a public diaper changing station *ew.* Mine is super lightweight and can fold up really small.

Watch Instead!

Aquaphor- This is what I personally use that has worked the best for diaper rashes. I have a huge tub at home because buying it in bulk is cheaper but then I get a smaller tube for the diaper bag that goes in a convenient zipper right next to all my other diaper changing needs.

Extra Outfits- Since toddlers are messy and babies have a hard time keeping everything in their diaper at times…I always have an extra outfit for each baby in the diaper bag. I always choose outfits that can roll up easily (I roll them) and I put them in the interior pouches!

Nursing Cover- This comes with me everywhere I go. I LOVE these. I had one with Eli (our first) and I got this super cute one for our baby girl. Since these also double as a car seat cover I actually don’t always have it in the diaper bag since most of the time I just keep it with the car seat when we are traveling so I can throw it over whenever we are outside.

diaper bag

Wubbanub Pacifier- This is what I put in my bag for my baby. These seem to be shaped the most like mom and I love the little animals on the ends. Not only are the ADORABLE but they help to hold the paci in their mouth when they are really little- it’s great for drive time. We aren’t pacifier die-hards over here…but, we do use them for the few days I work outside the home each month and helps the day go a little smoother for grandma!

Burp Cloth- For every drooly, little leak or baby spit up, these are my favorite.

Washable Breast Pads- If you are breastfeeding like I have and plan to with future babies, it’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of breast pads. It seemed like whenever I didn’t have an extra pad was when I leaked through. And then the next best option is you start using those Kleenexes you are packing next 😉

Kleenex- Pretty self-explanatory. Someone may get a runny nose, sneeze attack, or need to spit out some gum while you’re out.

Hand Sanitizer- What mom doesn’t need Sanitizer?? GERMS.

Chapstick- I need chapstick all year round. My go-to chapstick is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. There are lots of “flavors” (can chapstick be flavored??) but my favorite is mango! It feels the best on my lips and smells good.

Toy for Toddler- Usually, I grab a new toy for each day before we leave the house. Eli loves to read books so lately I’ll just grab one for him to “read” while we drive. One of his favorite books is Where the Wild Things Are or Harry the Dirty Dog.

Keys and Wallet- Lastly, I always throw my keys and wallet in my diaper bag so I don’t have two babies AND two bags.

The finished product, everything I need and easy to get to!

diaper bag

This is my take on diaper bag necessities and what’s worked best for me. Do pack anything else to prepare you for your time out of the house?

What do You Pack In Your Diaper Bag?

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