Babies cry normally. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But.. some babies might cry more than 3 hours a day for a considerable number of days. That’s the point you realize your baby has colic.

It’s not a chronic case in most babies but can become serious if sufficient measures are not taken.

My baby had colic and I had to apply lots of different techniques to soothe her and make her feel better. Some of these are as simple as just changing diapers.

Here are 7 ways that you can use to make your colicky baby feel better!

1. Feeding Position, Feeding Time & Diaper Changes Can Impact Colic

Feeding position can have a massive impact on your baby’s colic. Rather than laying her flat, you should hold her at 45-60 degrees. In this way, she will be able to pass out air and be less prone to colic.

Don’t wait for the alarm to go off for the next feeding. The moment you notice any hunger cue, feed her. Waiting longer will trigger the colic and your baby will already be agitated.

Change the diapers as soon as it becomes wet. Some babies start crying when the diapers get wet. The fit of the diaper can also affect the baby’s mood. It should be snug and not too tight.

2. Holding in Different Positions

From my experience, I’ve seen changing the way you hold your baby can stop or start colic. Oftentimes, I tried a couple of unique positions and some of them really worked.

The most common positions are hip holding, shoulder holding and belly holding. I found the belly holding the most effective for my baby. Then again, every baby is unique in her own ways.

But.. don’t just hold her. Add some movement. You can sway sideways, or bounce a little up and down or give some pat on the back.

3. Experiment With Comforting Motion

Research evidence suggests rocking movements can minimize colic in babies. Yes, holding your baby in moving can help but it’s not convenient when you have a baby crying for hours. You have a life and lots of work at hand.

A baby swing with upright position and different ranges of motion can solve this issue. The upright position will ensure your baby can breath out air and the swinging motion will keep her entertained.

In some cases, a gentle drive on the car will also have the same effect. This isn’t entirely scientific but it works for most babies.

4. Relieve Gas and Burps

Burping is essential both during and after every feed. Babies with colic will swallow a lot of air during nursing or feeding and you need to get that out as much as possible.

You can use the basic and the most common burping position. Take your baby in the shoulder position and pat their back. Alternatively, lay her flat tummy down and pat on the back.

Sometimes gas can also cause colic. In that case, you can put gentle pressure on the tummy and get the gas out. The technique that worked for my baby was I held his legs to his chest for a few minutes.

5. Stomach Lying, Sucking and Swaddling

The stomach lying position is a proven method used by parents for ages. In this position, the baby will lay side sideways or tummy down and her head will be on your hands. Keep her in this position until you feel she has become calm. But don’t use this position for sleeping as it can be detrimental.

If nothing works, making your baby suck a pacifier will do the job! I don’t readily recommend this technique as it can develop a bad habit even when they grow old. Save it as a last resort.

One of the most essential baby stuff is a swaddling blanket. You wrap your baby around the blanket and swaddle her.. This gives her the comfort and feeling of being inside the womb. The wrap has to be snug and the arms and legs should move freely.

6. A Carrier Can Make a Difference

Carrying your baby in your arms is probably the simplest way to stop colic. But you can minimize your burden using a baby carrier, stroller or even a sling.

There are loads of carriers in the market. You can get one from each type for different scenarios. If you are traveling, use the stroller. When you go for a walk outside, you can use a sling style carrier wrapped around the chest.

The idea is to keep her in motion and this will limit stress build up!

7. Baby Massage & White Noise Magic

Baby massage is another way to deal with colic. A gentle rub on the arms, legs, back and the belly will soothe her instantly. But this is not the end. There are loads of books, online classes and videos on Youtube that you can use to master this technique.

Keeping some white noise going in the background will soothe your baby. White noise will minimize other surrounding noises and mimic the noises inside a mother’s womb. You can either get a white noise machine or just play some white noise music on your smartphone.

Final Words…

If you follow the above tips, I’m sure your baby will feel better and get relief from colic. It’s not a rocket science, you will have to try them out and see what works for your baby. For severe cases, please visit the doctor ASAP!


Sujana Wilson with Smily Parents



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