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Here’s What Other Mamas Have to Say…

“Haley, I absolutely loved the course!!! Already recommended you to a co worker for her daughter! As a first time mom you ease the scariness, answer a lot of questions and give information on things I never even thought of…I also liked your class so much I had to sign up for your next class and em so excited to start it!! (My husband as well) Thank you for taking the time to put all this information together for other moms it’s amazing and I highly recommend it to any mother!”

- Kirsten

“It truly was beautiful. I am a first-time mom, and as soon as he came out, I just cried tears of joy and unconditional love. It is amazing what a woman’s body can handle and do. Your site has helped me SO much during this time, from the labor course, to what to pack in my diaper bag, you have made such a difference. THANK YOU!!”

- Rachel

“I just finished your (course) and I loved it! I’m prepping myself on my second labor coming up in August. …I came across your course because I was searching for something to help me learn on how my second birth could be different/better than my first.

I found your course very informative and will definitely review it closer to my delivery date again as a refresher. Your course was better than what I took at the hospital, where I gave birth! I loved your videos and how you wrote out the details beneath each of the videos.

The tips and ideas you provided were very helpful and are great ideas of things to try for a more natural and easier labor and delivery.

You mentioned first time moms in your video but I think your course is great for second, third time moms, or moms that have some time between births. You inspired me to want to try to have a natural birth this time. Thank you again for sharing your amazing course.

- Kirstin

“Literally Did These Exercises & Had My Baby The Next Day . At 36 + 6 Days! Really Helped Me Relieve My Contractions. Went to the Hospital 7cm Dilated. You Are A Birthing Guru!

- Cherodah

“Haley’s course, Let’s Mama, is an absolute must for all moms to be!  Whether you’re a first time mom or having another baby, you can learn so much from this course.  
Haley provides loads of information that everyone can benefit from including how to manage pain through labor, what labor will feel like, how to create a birth plan, and so much more! 
I am a nurse practitioner and second time mama and I feel much more confident going into labor this time around thanks to Haley’s amazing course. 
If you’re pregnant and want to prepare for birth, this is the course for you!”
- Jordan, Nurse Practitioner at