Best Toys for Toddler Boys! Hey…that rhymes…

With the holiday season quickly approaching, everyone is starting to think about the gifts they will give this year. While searching for my little toddler, Eli- I found the best gifts for toddler boys!

Since toddlers are full of energy, smart, and boisterous, they deserve something that reflects their adorable personalities.

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toys for toddler boys

Instead of wasting your money on things that are “trending” but not timeless, check out my top 14 toys for toddler boys. I found these gifts that will keep your toddler busy and happy for a long time while encouraging learning and exploration- perfect for your toddler boy! None of these will sit in your living room untouched.

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14 Best Toys for Toddler Boys: 2018 Gift Guide


This classic encourages so much exploration. Since your toddler wants to explore new items and touch everything in sight- why not have Play-Doh be a good option? What toddler doesn’t want to touch things with different textures and explore how to build and mold?

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Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

While I seriously do not own very many big plastic “toy” items (because honestly, they are usually Eli’s least favorite). I am in love with this Kitchen Playset by Step2. Eli has been super into cooking and stirring and feeding mama and dada, I am pretty sure he is going to love this. Maybe splurge on one larger item this year and let your little chef cook you up some amazing breakfasts (and lunches and dinners 😉 ).

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Set of Four-Push and Play Vehicles

These four little push and play vehicles are the perfect size for your little toddler man. I know my little guy is really into anything with a motor right now. This set of four comes with a cement truck, dump truck, bulldozer and farm tractor with a wagon. I love it when he uses his imagination and adds the motor sounds. He literally can drive “trucks” around all day!

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Melissa & Doug Vehicles Wooden Peg Puzzle (8 pcs)  

Continuing with the theme that my little man loves anything that looks or sounds like a truck- this puzzle is perfect. I love Melissa & Doug products and this is such a great way to help your little man learn some good motor skills by placing puzzle pieces where they go. I am sure this is going to be a big hit at our house this year.

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Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle (8 pcs)

Right up there next to trucks are any animals. Eli loves all of his animal books. He’s actually crazy about the zoo and can’t get enough of puppies, pigs or really anything else with four legs! Here is another great pick if you are looking for a different style of puzzle or if you want two 😉

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First 100 Words Board Book

Books are some of the best gifts we can give to our toddlers in my opinion. This is a great book for your Toddler boy. Not only is it a board book so it will last a little longer 😉 but its great for learning shapes and objects and colors! I know my little guy could sit on the couch all day and read with me!

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Joyin Toy 12 Pack 14’’ Big Bubble Wand Assortment

Another great exploratory toy that doesn’t take up living room space. Eli and I will pull out the bubbles on a rainy day and its lots of fun with little to no mess-plus it keeps the little man occupied for a long time!

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 Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups

These Jumbo counting bears are a great learning tool. I have been working with Eli on learning his colors and counting so these are perfect. We can play lots of games together with them and he loves putting the right color in the right cup!

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Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

 Along with colors and naming objects, we love to work on our shapes and fine motor skills! This is a perfect toy for toddler boys.

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Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers

 My little man would spend hours in the bath if I let him! These boats are super cute and are the perfect bath toy to keep your toddler busy so you can actually finish that morning cup of coffee while it’s still hot!

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Eric Carle Board Books Set For Toddlers 

I love Eric Carle’s books. These board books are the best. Super colorful, durable for your little man, and will teach so many things including colors, numbers, letters and more. Don’t forget these books!!

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Harry the Dirty Dog- Children’s Classic Library

This is our favorite book at home. It has mud, a puppy and lots of trucks and tractors. What little boy wouldn’t love that? Oh, and it also talks about a bath…which is also one of our favorite things. This classic book would make for an excellent stocking stuffer this year!

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Magnetic Drawing Board Magna Doodle

I am just starting to introduce coloring to my little man. He is getting more intrigued by drawing each day it seems. This magnetic drawing board has multiple colors and creates NO mess…unlike crayons, markers, paint, and other mom nightmares! This one is smaller so they can actually hold it on their lap or carry it to show you their picture! It comes with two watercolor books as a bonus!

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Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

 Another great gift from Melissa & Doug. Work on fine and gross motor skills while your toddler learns how to lock, move, and open all the latches! Instead of digging in your cupboards, they can try to figure out how to get each one of these to open and close.

Buy on Amazon Here

This is my list of favorite toys for toddler boys. Now that you have some gift inspiration for your little toddler man- I’d love to see what you picked out in the comments below. I am always looking for new ideas and things that my toddler boy will love too. Happy gift giving!!


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