It can be hard to navigate the stages of pregnancy. Each trimester brings many new thoughts, feelings, concerns, joy, and weirdness we’ve never experienced before.  Many women ask, “what are the stages of pregnancy?” So, here is your road map. And, a solidarity train to ride on through these 9 months of newness.

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Stages of Pregnancy #1: WHAAAA?

Whether your little one was expected or a little surprise…you are a mama! wait….whaaaa??? You’re pregnant. You cannot believe it. It’s like even if you were expecting to get pregnant, those two lines are just crazy to see. Who would have thought that two lines on a stick could literally alter your life? All of a sudden you are excited and petrified all at the same time. You have never questioned yourself and your capabilities so much in one single moment. Next thing you know, you are tired…fatigued…exhausted. You can’t keep your eyes open. Your favorite latte you get on the way to work every morning sounds more disgusting than Brussel sprouts. And, every morning you wake up, look at your stomach and SWEAR it’s grown.

stages of pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy #2: Wait, what was that?

Food is starting to sound good again. Every weird stomach pain, wave of nausea, or random bruise you get you attribute to being pregnant. You can definitely tell you have a bump but to others, they probably can’t tell at all. You feel obligated to share your news so everyone doesn’t assume you just ate WAY too much over the holidays. Your parents have started to buy anything that says “baby” on it and you have started to wonder if your little one is a baby boy or baby girl. You wake up four. times. a. night. to. pee. Wait, I thought that was only third trimester when you’re huge…sorry…it’s right now too.

Stages of Pregnancy #3: This is the best thing ever.

You feel awesome and are finally used to the idea of becoming a mama. You look adorable with your little bump showing but aren’t uncomfortable yet. Nausea has pretty much gone away, you have energy and you get to find out the sex of your baby!! You start buying ALL THE BLUE OR PINK in every store and start to fantasize about the nursery. Then, after you’ve maxed out the credit card, you decide to start a baby registry and pick out all the cute things you NEED to have… plus a few extras. Next thing you know, you’re sitting on the couch and get this wave of butterflies in your stomach- YOU JUST FELT BABY. Life is great. Oh, and you want ALL. THE. FOOD.

When your husband runs to the store to get what you’ve been craving all day…

stages of pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy #4: Cute bump’s gone…

Well…you think your cute bump is gone but the rest of us still think you are adorable. Your bump has just grown by 400% in a day it seems and you are starting to get a little uncomfortable + you’re uncomfortable + you can’t breathe very well…so you are uncomfortable…You are full-blown maternity. Everyone can tell you are pregnant but the only thing nice about this stage is all the strangers at the store letting you go first in line and holding the door for you. Simple tasks have become a major nuisance and you hire someone (like your husband) to paint your toes, shave your legs, and pick up the pickle you dropped on the floor. 😉 Not only that, your belly is at the perfect height where you have to break your back in order to do the dishes…so you go to your nearest bulk store and buy ALL THE PAPER PRODUCTS.

What you expect Pregnancy to feel like…

stages of pregnancy

What Pregnancy actually feels like…

stages of pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy #5: More Doctor Visits

Doctor visits have picked up officially, making the BIG DAY seem even closer. You are now in the “30’s weeks” so you feel like delivery is CLOSE but then you realize that 8 weeks is still two months of pregnancy. How will you ever make it? You set the thermostat to 60 degrees every night and freeze out your husband. It may be mid-June but he’s going to bed in his long johns and slippers each night to accommodate you.

Stages of Pregnancy #6: Hello Tummy.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any bigger…you want to scream the next time someone asks you “when are you going to have that baby?” Your due date is near. You feel BEYOND ready to have this baby. You just want your lungs back…and your stomach…and your thighs…and your toes…well…everything. How does every woman go through this like its no big deal? Reality is, we all are wondering the same thing.

When You get together with your Pregnant friends for the Afternoon…

Stages of Pregnancy #7: It’s done.

Baby is finally here. You wonder how the heck you made it through labor. You realize your new found vocation is making sure every woman who delivers a baby gets some sort of award. Yeah. You are so excited to be skinny again. Right when you get home, you try pulling up your pre-baby jeans to find they don’t even make it past your calves. You are excited to exercise, sleep, and get back to you.

All joking aside, getting back to you takes time and we do give up a lot to become mamas but, those babies are SO. DANG. WORTH. IT.

Now, who wants to do it all over again?

What stage are YOU in?! Can you relate?

stages of pregnancy

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