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Thanksgiving is almost here! I cannot believe how each year flies by so fast. It seems like summer just began, then everyone started going back to school, and now the holiday season is right around the corner.

Thanksgiving is a holiday steeped in traditions. Sometimes we get so used to the way we’ve always done things we never think to change it up or add something to the pot (figuratively and literally ?). Try these memorable family Thanksgiving traditions this year and it may just be your best Thanksgiving yet! Plus, the kiddos (even the toddlers) will love how much they can be apart.

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Thanksgiving Traditions to Try this Year

thanksgiving tradition

Thanksgiving Tradition #1:
Make it Fancy

Add a Tablecloth

Cover your table with a decorative tablecloth. Pick one you have already or buy a new, fall-themed one to spice it up. It’s amazing how something so small can make such an impression on the holiday table and lift everyone’s holiday spirit (even the kids).

Decorate the Whole Living Space

Grab pumpkins, have the kids gather fall leaves, buy a fall scented candle to fill the home with aroma. Decorate the holiday table with candles to light at dinner time, put pumpkins and fall items in the kitchen, living space and even the bathroom! This will be sure to make the holiday extra special and set it even more apart.

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Use Name Cards and Nice Place Settings

Use cardstock folded in half and write each person’s name on the card. This will help keep good flow when it’s dinner time and everyone is wondering where they should sit. It’ll also make the table look extra nice. Put placemats and fancy silverware on the table and make everyone’s place setting different than the rest of the year!

To read the full post with even more Thanksgiving Tradition Ideas…visit my friend, Nicole over at Resting Mom Face!

thanksgiving tradition


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