It’s time. No more putting it off mama. This year, self-care has to be on your to-do list. Life is busy. Errands, bills, 4637 questions to answer daily. Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, work. The thing is, (Ima gonna be real honest here) there will always, and I mean always be dishes. The laundry will never stop piling up, dust will always accumulate and the dog will never stop shedding. But, taking care of yourself is something you cannot put off any longer.

I know you not only get worn out by all the daily tasks and mental burden of making sure everyone is fed, clean, happy, healthy and loved. But, being a mama can sometimes feel very lonely. There are so many of us doing the same things every day, struggling with the same struggles and yet we feel no solidarity. As if we are the only one on the planet who has a hard time accomplishing our never-ending, daily, recurring to-do list.

I know we can’t make the to-do lists vanish….but it’s time for self-care for moms to get closer to the top of the priority list.

Why should you make time for self-care?

Well not only is it best for you but your children (and spouse) will thank you. It’s great for our children to see their mom taking care of herself. They will copy that and in turn, realize that self-care is something important for everyone’s health. Plus, you become a better wife and mother if you take care of your needs too.

So here are 25 self-care solutions for you to add to your priority list this year. Make time for you.

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self care for moms

#1 Discover Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 

Every lady out there who spends her days wrestling kiddos, doing never-ending laundry, and cooking 6 meals a day deserves a little relaxation. If you have never tried Essential Oils before…this may be the perfect year to start. Just get a simple diffuser like this one, plug it in, and grab a few calming oils to diffuse around the home.

Lavender, Calming Blends, Citrus oils, and Frankincense are all great for your mood or boosting your spirits!

You can check out more essential oil ideas and how to’s at Healthy Living in Colorado. Allison has great knowledge and tips when it comes to adding aromatherapy and oils to your home and routine self-care.

#2 Take a (long) Bath

I feel like every mama out there deserves a good bath at least once a week. Ask the hubs to watch the kids, lock the door, turn on your favorite Spotify playlist, pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles, and take a good long soak. Want to spice the bath up even more? Here is my magical bath recipe that will cure any long-day residue.

And if you are super into bubble baths and like graphic tees…This is perfect for you!! 😉

self care for moms

#3 Find a Subscription Box just for YOU

Subscription Boxes are becoming super popular. Have you gotten on the band-wagon yet? If not…here’s your perfect chance. Splurge a little on you for once. Getting a present in the mail each month is sure to boost your mood. How fun? Check out some of my favorites below!

self care for moms

#4 Take Care of Your Health…Finally.

Maybe it’s time to lose that weight you’ve hated carrying around the past couple of years. Maybe you just want to cleanse your body of toxins and adopt a new healthier lifestyle for you and your family. If this is you…check out Bri over at Hippie Dippie Mom. She is an RN and health coach. She is ready to help you achieve your health goals. I mean what’s more important than our health? To make your health a priority this year…CHECK THIS OUT.

#5 Listen to a Mom-Podcast

Finding a podcast with a vibe that matches your life and personality can be a great way to get in some self-care. Finding other mamas to listen to, find community, and solidarity is really all we need sometimes. Plus, these ladies can be quite funny and a blast to listen to!

Check out some of my favorite mom-podcasts:


#6 Find a Workout Partner

Need some motivation to get healthy and exercise, find a workout partner. Finding the time and energy to exercise can be difficult when you are a mama. Finding a workout partner can be an excellent solution. Working out becomes social and the health benefits will be super helpful for you. In addition to losing weight, gaining muscle, exercise also lifts your mood!

#7 Get Organized

Marie Kondo may be the Queen when it comes to organizing your home but you don’t need to have a “pro” come in to make some changes! Honestly, I have learned that the more simple and organized our lives are…the less stress and anxiety can creep its way in. Take some time to organize your goals, plans and home this year. To help you out…check out this Slay Your Goals Planner. It’s your one-stop-shop for organizing your whole motherhood in one place!

#8 RE-discover You


There are experts out there to help you re-discover yourself and what you want your life to be…especially after having babies. Hire a life coach and watch your life transform. It’s ok to want or need some help. It is so hard to juggle everything all the time. This may just be exactly what you are looking for. Check out Katie…she is amazing and can help you get to where you and your family want to go. Ditch the mom-guilt and rediscover you.


#9 Listen to Your Favorite Music


 Instead of just folding the laundry…throw in some earbuds and jam out. Music is one of the world’s greatest gifts for uplifting your mood. Seriously, try it.

#10 Make Your Favorite Drink


Look up a recipe for a homemade margarita or sangria on Pinterest, lay the kids down and ENJOY. Its the little things in life.


self care for moms

#11 Start a Journal

Purchase a Journal like this one and set it on your nightstand…each night, take some time to journal about your day, the kids, your hardships, and blessings. Write down your goals and where you want to go, what you want to achieve, your bucket list.

I love this journal, you can get it on Amazon for cheap and start your journal right away! self care for moms

#12 Take a Nap

Here is your one free nap coupon. Take that nap and kill the guilt. It’s ok to need a break.


#13 Write down your Goals for the Year

Want to learn how to waltz? Want to lose 10 lbs? Write down your goals for the year. Goals that are written down are much more likely to actually be achieved. Set your goals sheet in a prominent place in the house to remind yourself what you are working towards and WHY.

#14 Get your Nails Done, Dye your Hair, Get a Message

Spice up your look, relax at the spa. Schedule your appointments on a Saturday and get pampered. You will feel AMAZING after it.

self care for moms

#15 Create YOUR Bucket List (include family things too)

Seriously. Get a cute piece of paper and slowly add to it. Write down all the things you want to do in your life. It’s a lot of fun to write down our passions and interests. Add things you want to do as a whole family but make sure the list also has YOUR items too! Don’t forget about your dreams and goals because you now have a family, it’s even more reason to achieve them.

#16 Simplify.

We are all over-booked. The perfect recipe to never-ending anxiety and loads of stress is being overbooked and over-cluttered. Take one thing off your to-do list. Simplify. Do things you only truly love to do. Don’t be afraid to say, “no.” This book really helped me simplify my life and change my outlook on how to decide what to add to my plate and what to take off. Seriously, READ THIS BOOK.

#17 Learn Something New

Take a cooking or art class. Take ballet. Find some local ice skating lessons or learn how to ride a horse (or motorcycle). Whatever is up your alley…sign up, learn something new. Never stop learning and have fun at the same time! It’s really important for our kids to see us taking time for ourselves. It teaches them (by example) that self-care and mental health are important and then they will copy value it as they grow older too.

#18 Go for a Walk or Stretch

Turn on some soothing piano music on YouTube and turn off everything else. Stretch or go for a brisk walk. This will feed your soul and give you some time to yourself.

#19 Lol

Laughter is the best medicine. Make time for laughter…have laughter be apart of your daily routine. Make laughter a possibility.

PRO TIP: Turn on a Netflix comedian once the kids are down. Sit on the couch, cuddle with your hubs, and laugh together.

#20 Make Your Relationship a Priority

No matter how much we can push off our love life as not important. It’s truly at the center of our wellbeing. Schedule weekly or monthly date nights, in the house and out, with and without the kids. Watch each other’s favorite movies, play games together, cuddle and enjoy a glass of wine. The greatest gift we can give our kids is showing them that mom and dad truly love each other and take MAKE time for it.

self care for moms

#21 Plan a Vacation

Everyone needs time off and a little TLC. Even if going to the Bahamas is off the radar this year, get a hotel for a weekend with the hubs and ask grandma and grandpa to babysit or take the kids and drive to the beach or a lake and get an Airbnb.

#22 Read before Bed

Reading is great to do before bed. Whether you read a novel for entertainment or want to become inspired or learn something new, reading is an amazing past-time, self-care option, and a start to a great night’s sleep.

#23 Go out for Coffee with your BFF

Even if this is your hubby. Do it. Just go chat. Cus you will have a LATTE to talk about. HA…at least I think I’m funny…

#24 Make a Donation Box

This is self-care taken to a whole new level. Have a spot in the house with a box, the “donation box.” Throughout every day whenever you come across a shirt, shoes, toys you no longer use…you now have a place for it. Simplifying your life will bring you peace while also donating to those less fortunate. It’s a great way to keep a peaceful, organized home and help others. Plus, it’s a great way for the kids to have an opportunity to donate their unused items too.

#25 Take a Break from SM

Social Media can drag us down more often than not, taking us away from our health goals, our kids, our spouse. Unplug for a while and recommit to being present. This is true self-care and will definitely bring you peace.

#26 BONUS: Make A Self-Care Plan

Now that you have all of these ideas, it’s time to make a plan to implement them.

I hope you are able to adopt some of these ideas into your regular practice and start taking some time for you.

I know I am going to make a legit effort this year to separate some time out of the schedule to take care of myself and I hope you do the same.

What’s Your Favorite Self-Care Activity?

self care for moms

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