I know gender reveals are a newer idea…our parents were lucky to know if it was a boy or girl before delivery! When my husband and I were pregnant with our first we wanted to do some kind of gender reveal for our families. To us, it seemed like a good excuse to throw a party, invite our friends and family to celebrate!

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Our First Gender Reveal

For our first baby, I was finishing up nursing school right when we found out so we had a small party at my parents’ house. Jordan and I found out together at the ultrasound, I called a bakery and had them make a blue cake with frosting, did a countdown and lifted up a cut piece of cake for all to see! It was simple, easy, cute, fun and most of all we were just so thrilled to share the moment with our families. 

Second Time Around


For baby #2, the gender reveal went out with a bang…Literally. My husband had seen a video of a tannerite gender reveal long before we were pregnant and we both thought it was epic but it never crossed our minds to actually do one ourselves.

gender reveal

That is, till one Saturday morning when we were both searching for gender reveal ideas and tannerite came back up. Pretty much after watching one video, we were both sold. Since Jordan’s parents have an acreage we had the perfect location too!

What is a Tannerite Gender Reveal?

For those who haven’t heard of a tannerite gender reveal, its where you place colored chalk in a cardboard box with tannerite (a mini explosion). Then you shoot the tannerite and it blows the colored chalk SKY HIGH.

After we decided to do the tannerite we also decided to find out with both of our families instead of at the ultrasound. This added a whole new level of excitement for us, more so than I ever thought. And, to top it all off, there hadn’t been a baby girl on either side for 25 years so…let’s just say there was definitely a desire for some pink.

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How to do a Tannerite Gender Reveal

This is what we used for our tannerite gender reveal and it worked perfectly!

What You’ll Need:

Two days before Mother’s Day (the day the party was planned), we had our ultrasound and the little baby was kicking and everything look healthy! We looked down while the tech checked if our munchkin was a boy or girl. She printed the picture out with the words of what our little baby was on the picture and put it in a sealed envelope.

Look at those lips!

gender reveal

Party Time

At the party, we had two tables, blue and pink, with matching drinks and cupcakes for each. A cute chalkboard sign and LOTS of food.

gender reveal

We also had asked a friend ahead of time if he would mind being the one to open the envelope in secret and place the right colored chalk in the box.

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Getting Ready for the BOOM

Once everyone had arrived, we passed out ear protection (it was going to be LOUD) and Jordan got the gun all set up for our CRAZY gender reveal. But first, we had to grab a picture of us BEFORE we found out what baby was…

gender reveal

Our friend went down to the tannerite box and put the right colored chalk in and we gathered everyone outside on the deck. We all covered our ears…and waited (Jordan did not want to miss!). I remember I could hear my heart pounding through my plugged ears…

gender reveal


gender reveal


It was the best Mother’s Day gift. All our family and friends were gathered together and we have a little GIRL on the way!!

Did you do a Gender Reveal? What did YOU do?

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