Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and let’s be honest sometimes mom’s to-be, get forgotten in all the hullabaloo. Well, not this year! Mother’s Day is such a special day to be cherished and the expectant mama in your life deserves to celebrate her first Mother’s Day and that means a gift to go along with it.

Whether you are her husband, mom, or best friend, there is something on this list that will be the perfect addition to her first Mother’s Day. I mean common, that is special so don’t miss the opportunity! The worst Mother’s Day gift is no gift at all.

Making her feel loved, appreciated, and acknowledging her new role as a mother is an amazing way to start motherhood. Whether you are wanting to gift something for her and baby or wanting something to commemorate the day, I am sure she will love any of these precious Mother’s Day gift ideas. (And remember, she is only forming a new human…remember that when you are deciding on the budget.)

Also, if you are wanting more unique and meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas, scroll to the bottom of the article for even more amazing Mother’s Day gift guides!

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15 Mother’s Day Gifts for Expectant Mothers

1. Gift Card to Her Favorite Restaraunt

You already know this. She is hungry. She is feeding two, has cravings, can’t sleep. Let the poor girl eat. Give her what she really wants….a gift card to her favorite restaurant!

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2. Birthstone Jewelry

Personalized Birth Stone Necklace- $30

Birthstones can be a great idea if you want to go the more sentimental route. They are a beautiful way to cherish the baby’s birth month. This beautiful personalized birthstone necklace is so beautiful. You could even do the birthstones in order with dad, mom, then baby. OH! Be careful though…if the due date is close to the beginning or end of a month…those little ones can sneak out at the wrong month and you’ll have a birthstone for no one 😉

Buy it: $30, EvesAddiction.com

3. Cute New Mom T-Shirts for Summer

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers


Who says you have to throw out fashion when you’re pregnant?! Look at this cute t-shirt. This would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for an expectant mama! This is the perfect gift for mamas who could use some new clothes this summer to accentuate their adorable bump. This t-shirt can be the perfect top to pair with shorts, capris or jeans for some simple, summer fashion.

Buy it: $18 Amazon

mothers day gifts for expecting mothers


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4. Sterling Silver Pregnancy Necklace

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers


This necklace is something she will treasure forever. What mom-to-be would not love to accessorize her everyday outfits with this pretty and simple necklace reminding her of her motherhood?

Buy it: $39 Amazon 

5. Promoted to Mommy Coffee Mug

I have this thing where I love to collect adorable coffee mugs. It makes that morning cup of jo even better when it’s in one of my favorite mugs. I just can’t pass up adorable coffee cups. Whether the expectant mama in your life is a coffee or tea drinker…she will surely appreciate and cherish this mug for years!

Buy It: $15 Cafe Press

6. Mom Est. Tumbler

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers


Tumblers are super popular! Everyone has a tumbler these days to keep your drinks hot or cold. This is another great idea for those mama’s who love to travel with their coffee, tea or even a tumbler of ice water. This is a great Mother’s Day gift for expectant mothers.

Buy it: $22 Amazon

7. Pregnancy Massage

Find a local massage clinic near you that offers pregnancy massages. After carrying the extra weight around, feeling nauseous and exhausted…this may just be the right gift for your expecting mama. Most massage clinics have gift cards and if you are feeling really generous, put enough mula on that baby for two massages.

8. Luxury Posh Peanut Maternity Robe

Mothers Day Gifts for Expectant Mothers


Not only does every lady need herself a nice robe but this is not just a robe. You can use this to labor in at the hospital (instead of a hospital gown), it’s easy to nurse in and Posh Peanut also has matching crib sheets and baby swaddles. Oh me, oh my!

Buy It: $57 Amazon

9. Fitbit

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers


Staying active throughout pregnancy can be tough. This is a great gift for an expectant mama. Tracking your sleep, steps and more. She will love having a Fitbit for her pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

Buy it: $99 Amazon

10. Pink Blush Maternity Dresses

Pink Blush makes the cutest and super trendy mama clothes. Their maternity dresses are seriously so cute. Sometimes, maternity clothes can look like your fashion and age went out of the window but, that doesn’t have to be the case.

This is one of my favorites!

11. Babymoon

A babymoon is basically exactly what it sounds like…basically a honeymoon but, before baby arrives! Spending special time with your spouse before your little one make their big debut would be an amazing gift for your mama-to-be! Whether you only have time or budget for a one-night hotel and dinner or want to take a week in the Florida Keys, this is an amazing Mother’s Day gift option for all expectant mamas.

12. Subscription Box for Pregnancy

Subscription boxes are becoming super popular. There are lots of different subscription boxes for expecting mamas but Bump Boxes is one of my favorites. They have different packages, you can pay monthly or yearly, and they even tailor the boxes based on your due date. What could be better than having a pretty box of goodies show up on your doorstep every month? It’s like Christmas for pregnancy every 30 days!

Buy It: $39 Bump Boxes

13. Pregnancy Photo Session

Pregnancy may a difficult journey, but its a journey we don’t want to forget. Having professional photos done to log your pregnancy is something you will be glad you did the rest of your life. Such a fun way to remember and log your pregnancy and create memories of carrying your little one inside you for 9 months. Gifting a professional pregnancy photo session is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift for expectant mothers and she will be sure to LOVE it. Contact a local, professional photographer and set up a session for a Mother’s Day gift that is long-lasting and sentimental. I loved our pregnancy photo session and I am so glad we did it!

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers

14. Natural Skin Care Pregnancy Gift Basket

Skin health is a major concern for most pregnant mamas. With our skin stretching like the dickens, it’s important to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized to help prevent stretch marks and itching! This gift basket from Etsy has tons of skin care products that every expectant mother will be sure to love for Mother’s Day. Items include a facial toner, body butter, sugar scrub, bath soak, candles and more!

mothers day gifts for expectant mothers

Buy It: $60 Etsy

15. Pregnancy Journal

This is SUCH a cute way to log your pregnancy. I feel like as the kids grow up they always want to hear their birth story or about your pregnancy with them and it can be so hard to remember. This journal has places for you to jot down your thoughts or memories of your pregnancy journey as well as places to insert pictures! Such a great idea. This would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

mothers day gifts for expectant mothersBuy It: $25 Etsy 

No matter what Mother’s Dat gift you go with, I am sure the expectant mama in your life is going to love her very first Mother’s Day!

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