Mama, I am just like you. My house is messy (a lot), the dishes pile up (often), I wish I looked cute in sweat pants (I don’t) ha, yada yada yada…! So when you want a pure, honest review for products (like labor and delivery robes) that will enhance your life and motherhood, I give it to you. Just like I use it at my home. I hope this review for the best labor and delivery gown I have found, will really benefit you! That way you have at least one real mom, giving you her honest opinion.

Check Out this Labor and Delivery Robe

So, you are looking for a labor and delivery gown that you will actually love? First off, I have tried tons of different “mom robes” in the past and have been less than impressed. I tried a couple from Walmart and one from Amazon, they did the job but weren’t that flattering, comfortable and were super hot to wear so I would end up not using them. But, being the queen-bee of frugality, I was the “a robe’s a robe” kind of girl and ended up making purchases that didn’t end up being good in the end. Now that I have a couple of years of motherhood under my belt, I will buy quality over quantity every. stinkin’. time.

labor and delivery robe

This post is sponsored by Posh Peanut. I may be compensated if you follow any links from this page. All opinion are my own and I only accept sponsored products if I love and use them in my life as a wife and mama. See my disclosure for more information.

Posh Peanut for Mom and Baby

I recently came across Posh Peanut. I was behind the times. Posh Peanut is this adorable mom/baby boutique website. They have matching sets, maternity robes, crib sheets, swaddles, newborn photo shoot attire, the whooooole gama.

Out of all of the robes I have tried, none of them were NEARLY as soft, cute, or comfortable as this one from Posh Peanut. I have been won over. This is the Posh Peanut Signature Mom Robe in Dusk Rose with matching crib sheet.

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Why is this the Best Labor and Delivery Robe?

Their robes are so vibrant in color, not faded at all.

The fit was perfect. Definitely purchase your pre-pregnancy size as they were designed to have room for your growing belly. But, as you can see, they still are classy and cute postpartum!

Also, they are machine washable…because what mom wants to hand wash anything?!

The labor and delivery robes are made of bamboo/spandex material that is breathable, light, and super comfortable. Also, it has a matching belt that is adjustable for your ever-changing size. I love the 3/4 sleeves too. They add a classy touch, making the robe look more high end.

labor and delivery robe

Basically, this robe is going to be perfect for your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum needs. Keeping you comfy and stylish for those laboring mama pictures and accessible for late night nursing sessions.

Pro Tip:

Wherever you end up delivering your baby, wear this robe instead of the generic ones the hospital/birth center provides. It makes labor and delivery feel more natural and less like a medical procedure. Plus, you are going to be a lot more comfortable too.

This is the Dusk Rose color, they also have matching crib sheets, baby one-pieces, swaddles and more in SO many beautiful patterns that are unique, classy, trendy and well…posh.

labor and delivery robe

Softest Crib Sheets

So I bought the robes I tried out when I was pregnant and I ordered some really cute crib sheets, too. They had great reviews and honestly, I thought they were soft when they showed up. Well, not until I felt the crib sheets from Posh Peanut did I realize what I (or my little munchkins) was missing out on. I seriously want some sheets that are this soft.

I will be getting all my crib sheets and mama robes from Posh Peanut from here on out, I’ve been converted. But, don’t let me decide for you! Check them out yourself.

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