Now that I am getting ready to welcome our third baby into the world, I thought it would be a good time to share my baby registry checklist items! I do a registry each time I have a baby because there are always things you need for each new little one. Plus, family and friends always want to get something. After having almost three babies, these have become my baby registry must-haves.

I put together this list with the three intense years of motherhood under my belt 😉 Literally almost every single thing on this list, I own or have used and love.

You will also notice that almost every item on this list is from Amazon. I have registered at Amazon for all three of my babies and will always go back. It’s far too convenient not to use and their prices are amazing too.

This post contains affiliate links to products I love, use, and recommend for all my readers. This means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase off of a link on this page at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support, mama!

Why Should You Create a Baby Registry?

Good question. There are several benefits to creating an online baby registry! Some of the top reasons why I create my Baby Registries on Amazon include:

  • Research products and register for baby’s items right on your couch
  • Free shipping with Amazon Prime
  • 15% Amazon Registry Completion Discount (with prime)
  • Savings on Diapers and Wipes with Subscriptions
  • Easy to share with friends and family
  • You will get exactly what you want instead of just saying…”I need a baby swing”, you actually get to pick out which one!
  • You can purchase your baby items little by little so it’s easier on the budget
  • You’ll probably spend less because you can always look back at your list and see what you’ve already purchased. It’s like going to the grocery store with a meal plan and list or going when you’re hungry with no list. You’ll probably spend more without a list 😉

Like I said, Amazon is my favorite place to create my baby registries. You can create your Amazon Baby Registry here!

Also, scroll down to the bottom of the post and you’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to easily start your Amazon baby registry.

If you are planning on doing your registry elsewhere, that’s great too. This baby registry checklist will still be super helpful for you!

My other favorite places to register are Target and Walmart! They both make it super easy and have great selection too.

Start your Target Baby Registry, here!

Start your Walmart Baby Registry, here!

Baby Registry Checklist


Ok, now that I’ve shared the baby registry details, let’s dive right into the baby registry checklist. As I said, these items have truly become my newborn must-haves!

Top Selling Newborn Must-Haves From This List

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System- Best infant car seat and stroller travel system.

2. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier- Must-have! Light-weight baby carrier.

3. Baby Trend Nursery Center– Perfect for any days or nights away from home.

4. LILLEbaby Complete 6-1 Baby Carrier- The perfect ergonomic baby carrier.

5. Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing- Hands down the best and most affordable baby swing. MUST HAVE.

6. Pipi Bear Diaper Bag Backpack- Hands-free diaper bag plus TONS of room.

7. Diaper Changing Table Pad- You’ll use this every day, all the time.

8. Delta 4-1 Baby Crib- Baby is going to need a crib. I LOVE this one. Affordable and adorable!

9. Graco SnugRide Extend2Fit Infant Car Seat- If you aren’t looking for a whole travel system. This is the infant car seat I highly recommend. 

10. SwaddleMe Baby Swaddles- Makes swaddling baby so easy and comfortable.

11. Graco Premium Foam Infant and Toddler Crib Mattress- Perfect for your baby and affordable.

12. Baby Delight Beside Bed Bassinet- Perfect for when your baby is so little and you want them close by.


These are all the items you will need to take your baby places. 

  1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System- This is my favorite. We got this with our first and are still loving it. A very affordable way to get your stroller and infant car seat, plus since they interlock, it makes outings and walks EASY.
  2. Graco SnugRide Extend2Fit Infant Car Seat- If you want to purchase your infant car seat and stroller separate, I also love this infant car seat. The Graco Extend2Fit’s are awesome.
  3. Boba Wrap Soft Baby Carrier- I LOVE this wrap. A great way to be hands-free when you need to be and bond with your baby. Here is my super easy tutorial-WATCH HERE!
  4. LILLEbaby Ergonomic Carrier- This carrier has a firmer frame. I love having both wraps for different occasions. Can’t recommend this one enough.

Nursery Items

These are the baby registry must-haves for your nursery. Decorating your nursery is so fun. Knock yourself out!

  1. Delta 4-1 Crib- This crib is great. Will grow with your baby, affordable and adorable.
  2. Baby Delight Beside Bed Bassinet- This is perfect to save space and keep your baby close to you those first months.
  3. Graco Premium Foam Infant and Toddler Crib Mattress- Safe and affordable mattress for your baby’s crib.
  4. Baby Trend Nursery Center– Perfect for any days or nights away from home. Place for changing, safe sleeping area, light-weight, and portable.
  5. DaVinci Upholstered Nursery Glider with Ottoman- Obviously not a must-have but after you sit in it, you may rethink that! Perfect for cuddling, reading books, snuggles in the night and feeding your baby.
  6. HelloBaby Camera Baby Monitor- Keep an eye on baby at all times. Audio and video feed so you’ll always know if your baby is OK!
  7. Dimmable Night Light- You will be going into baby’s room often throughout the night so having a night light is super helpful so you don’t die while shuffling across the room 😉
  8. Baby Dresser/Changing Table- Your little one will blow through clothes and you got to put the clean ones somewhere! Plus, our dresser doubles as our changing table and it works great!
  9. Cool Mist Humidifier- We have a couple of these throughout our house especially during the winter months. Preventing dry air in your house will help keep your little one healthy.
  10. Crib Mattress Pad/Waterproof Cover- While your infant mattress is totally safe without a cover, your mattress will last longer if you protect it. This one is super affordable!
  11. Fitted Crib Sheets- I recommend having 2-4 fitted crib sheets. You won’t be doing laundry as often as you might like to! I love these neutral sheets so I can accessorize the nursery with different colors but there are hundreds of adorable and colorful designs- HAVE FUN!
  12. Muslin Swaddle Blankets/Receiving Blankets- I keep these with me at all times. I swaddle baby in them, sometimes use them for spit-ups, keep them warm in their car seat, they are so versatile! I recommend having at least 2 but 4 would be best! They come in adorable colors and patterns as well.
  13. Fuzzy, Warm Blankets- Perfect for winter. You can keep baby warm with these when they are in the car seat and I also use them on the floor for tummy-time!

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Diapering Your Baby

Don’t overlook diapering. You are going to be doing it a lot over the upcoming year!

  1. Diapers- If you are doing disposables, Pampers and Luvs have seemed to work the best for my babies. You can save money on diapers by subscribing to Amazon too!
  2. Cloth Diapers- If you want to cloth diaper, these have amazing reviews and come with inserts.
  3. Changing Pad- Changing your newborn on the floor can be hard on your back. Up in the nursery section, I added a baby dresser/changing table. This pad will fit perfectly on top of your dresser making for easy changes!
  4. Pipi Bear Diaper Bag Backpack- Hands-free diaper bag plus TONS of room. This bag is hands-free, is waterproof, and can hold so much while still being very lightweight!
  5. Diaper Cream- I have used lots of diaper creams but this one always works great for me. I also love Aquaphor.
  6. Unscented Baby Wipes- You can also subscribe and save with wipes on Amazon as well. I really like using unscented wipes with as few ingredients as possible since a newborn’s skin is so sensitive!


These are the clothing items to have on hand before you bring baby home from the hospital.

  1. Baby Laundry Detergent- Most detergents are filled with SO many strong chemicals. Your baby’s skin is going to be so fragile and will be just starting to adapt to this new, dry world we live in! Wash baby’s clothes in something gentle, made specifically for your newborn.
  2. 6-10 White Onesies- You can never have enough onesies. Plan to get 6-10 white onesies for under outfits. You can get short or long sleeve depending on the season baby will be born in.
  3. 4-6 Sleepers- I love these for cozy play around the house, pajamas and pretty much any time. They are so comfy and move well with baby. I also like the ones with the feet attached (especially if it’s cold outside) because no baby can keep socks on!
  4. 2-4 Baby Sleep Sacks- Even in spring and fall, your newborn can chill easily since they don’t move around very much. These sleep sacks keep baby warm (since they can’t have blankets in their crib), and also help your newborn feel safe and secure. This means you get more sleep too! My favorite sleep sacks are the ones from Nested Bean.
  5. 2-4 Blanket Sleepers- These are so cozy and also really great for winter babies!
  6. 1-3 Sweaters or Jackets- Nice sweaters and a couple of jackets are my next item on this baby registry checklist. Even in spring and fall, it is always good to have some warmer clothes for your newborn.
  7. 1-3 Dress Outfits- For church, family get-togethers, nice outings…these are the cute outfits to wear out and about!
  8. 5-10 Pairs of Socks- I like the longer ones because it gives you just a little more time before they get kicked off! 😉
  9. Baby Hat and/or Winter Hat- Baby hat for sun protection and winter hat to keep baby’s head warm!
  10. No-scratch Mittens- Keeping your baby and you scratch-free!
  11. Winter-suit or Coat- Baby can get cold and/or over-heat easily so be careful with thick clothing. However, if you are going to be outside in the cold for any length of time, it’s always good to have a warm suit to keep your baby warm. PRO MOM TIP: Don’t put baby into their car seat with this coat on, they can overheat and the car seat straps will not be tight enough to save baby in case of a car accident.
  12. 5-8 Casual Outfits- These are the comfy but cute outfits that are in between the dress outfits and the sleepers.


Everything you are going to need to feed your baby. Whether you plan to breastfeed, pump or formula feed. 

  1. 4-8 Bottles- No matter if you are pumping or doing formula for your new baby, you’ll need about 4-8 bottles. I recommend these Nuk Simply Natural ones and also these Como Tomo’s.
  2. Bottle Brush- Bottles just don’t come clean without one of these super affordable bottle and nipple brushes.
  3. Nursing Cover- I use this for breastfeeding in public, as my baby’s car seat cover, as a cover for shopping carts and so much more. They are so soft and so versatile!
  4. Breast Pump- If you are planning on pumping at all, having a good breast pump is the key to success. I have tried a few different breast pumps and my favorites are the Spectra S2 and the Medela. I also love to have this manual breast pump for catching milk on the side I’m not nursing on.
  5. Breast Milk Storage Bags- I actually use the Kiinde Bottle System where I can attach the breastmilk bags directly to my pump. I then just add the nipple to the top of the pumped breast milk bag to feed our baby too. It’s super convenient and no more pouring (and spilling) precious breast milk. If you don’t want the whole system, these are the regular milk storage bags I recommend!
  6. Reusable Breast Pads- These are the pads I use. They are softer than the disposable ones and I’ve had them for all of my babies.
  7. Nipple Cream- This is my favorite nipple cream. I apply this for protection and healing as my nipples adapt to breastfeeding with each baby.
  8. Nursing or Boppy Pillow- I prefer the Boppy Pillow and I use this for breastfeeding (especially when baby is super tiny), for tummy time for baby and also for support as baby learns to sit up on their own.
  9. 4-8 Burp Cloths- I love the ones that go easily over your shoulder and are actually absorbent!
  10. Baby Bibs- If you keep these fabric bibs on during feedings and excessive times of drooling, you’ll keep baby’s clothes dry and help keep their neck clean too!
  11. 2-4 Pacifiers- Not everyone wants to use pacis but these and these are my two favorites if you ware wanting pacis!
  12. Infant Formula- Finding formula that doesn’t upset your newborn’s tummy can sometimes be a journey. Always do your research and ask your Pediatrician if they have a formula they would recommend.
  13. 2-5 Nursing Bras- These are my absolute favorite nursing bras. After trying lots of nursing bras over my past two babies, these are now the only bras I use to breastfeed. They are super soft, are supportive, give easy access for breastfeeding, are pretty, and are about half the cost of other competitors. I recommend getting about 2 nursing bras, 2 nursing tanks and 1-2 nursing sleep bras.

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These are the baby registry checklist items you will need at home to help keep baby clean and healthy!

  1. Baby Nail Clippers- These are tiny like baby’s nails. You may also be surprised how fast baby’s nails will grow!
  2. Baby Thermometer- Always a necessity to have on hand to monitor baby’s temperature!
  3. Aquaphor- I use this as a protectant on baby’s bottom and also for circumcision care for circumcised boys!
  4. Baby First Aid Kit- If you are wanting to purchase just one item with all your care products in it- this is great. It has a thermometer, nail file/clippers, brush for cradle cap and lots more!
  5. HelloBaby Video Monitor- Super affordable video and audio baby camera so you can always check on baby!
  6. Baby Bathtub- This bathtub is perfect for your baby, super affordable and will meet your bathing needs as baby grows!
  7. Gentle Baby Shampoo/Body Wash- Your newborn’s skin is so sensitive so make sure to get a tear-free, gentle shampoo and soap. I love this one. Oh, and their lotion too!
  8. 2-4 Soft, Hooded Baby Towels- I love these for after the bath. Super soft, warm and absorbent. I also sometimes put one actually in the tub under my baby so they aren’t laying on the cold plastic tub and the warm, wet towel keeps them warm while we wash them up! You can also get these super soft, gentle baby washcloths to wash your baby with, I usually just use my hands though.

Baby Gear

These are the baby registry checklist items that are amazing to have. These products have added SO much value to my motherhood and honestly, just make my life easier!

  1. Fisher-Price Baby Swing- Don’t spend hundreds and hundreds on a baby swing. Seriously this swing has lasted through almost three babies now with no problems at all. It has so many swing options and music- GO GET THIS SWING.
  2. Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Seat- This is the matching bouncy chair that goes with the swing. Super soft and has vibrations and music to help your baby relax and play when you need to set them down.
  3. High-chair- You won’t need this for a few months but I still like to add this to my registry checklist so we can get the items as it fits in the budget!
  4. Fisher-Price Jumparoo- All my babies love these jumpers. It builds their core and leg muscles and they can play forever!
  5. Baby Play-mat- My babies also love their play mat. All the dangling toys stimulate and excite them so much, plus it is a great place to do tummy time!
  6. Baby Toys- Always need to have some age-appropriate toys on hand. These help baby to learn, play and interact. They also help baby stay entertained especially during car rides!

Starting Your Amazon Baby Registry


Phew, those are my items for your baby registry checklist! Hope you stayed with me 😉 

Now, I want to walk you through setting up your Amazon Baby Registry. 

Like I mentioned, I have used Amazon Baby Registries for all three of my babies. There are lots of benefits, it’s super easy, best prices, don’t have to go around town finding the perfect baby product and I can easily share with family and friends who want to pitch in!

You can start your baby registry, here!

Follow these steps to start your baby registry in just 2 minutes!


Google “Amazon Baby Registry” or go to Amazon’s main page, click “registry” in the menu, then click “baby registry.” You’ll then see this page and you can click “create a new baby registry.”



Then, you will be directed to log in if you aren’t already. If you aren’t logged in, login now. If you are already logged in, continue to the next step!

Input all of your baby registry information on this page and then scroll to the bottom and click, “create my baby registry.”

Voila! Here is your personal Amazon Baby Registry. From this dashboard, you can add items, view your welcome box checklist, get your diaper discount and so much more.

Once you have found an item you would like to add to your baby registry, look at the right sidebar and click the button that says, “Add to Baby Registry.”


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