My second pregnancy was SO much better than my first…let me tell you. After surviving through my first pregnancy, I finally did some research, invested in the right tools, and found out the essentials I needed for a natural, healthy pregnancy and birth. If you are hoping to get through pregnancy as naturally as possible and feel good enough to enjoy the process…read on!

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Essentials for a Natural, Healthy Pregnancy

1. Good Probiotic

Gut health is really the center of how our body functions. I mean…you really are what you eat. Due to high hormones during pregnancy, digestion and basic gut functions can be slowed down (enter pregnancy constipation and heartburn). Taking a high-quality probiotic like this one is a great addition to your daily health regime for you and baby. This definitely is something I do not go without! Taking a probiotic should be completely healthy for you and baby but always check with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet. This is the one I recommend. If this one is too high, they have a 15 billion probiotic too. You can get it, here!

2. Magnesium Spray

As I said, constipation, headaches, and pains can all be nasty pregnancy symptoms we have to deal with on a daily basis. This magnesium spray is quickly absorbed and helps prevent constipation, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea! I rub this one on my feet every night before bed so it can absorb while I sleep. This is the one I have!

3. Exercise Ball

This is like my natural pregnancy AND natural birth secret weapon. This exercise ball becomes my chair from the second trimester on. It really helps with managing aches, pains, and relieving your joints from the weight of pregnancy as you grow. It also keeps your pelvis wide open allowing baby to have the most room to get into proper birthing position the closer to delivery you get. I also used a birthing ball throughout my natural labor too. Super great tool to have. This is the one I recommend!

Not sure how to use a birthing ball? This is what I do to relieve pain, tension, encourage good baby positions and naturally induce labor!

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4. Raspberry Leaf Tea

This may sound delicious but actually, this isn’t raspberry flavored tea but rather the leaf of the raspberry plant. Though it is not the most delicious beverage, it is an excellent tool for toning the uterus and getting it “in shape” and ready for natural labor! Apparently, it can cause uterine cramping so check with your doctor first. You can order your tea, here!

TIP: In order to drink more of it…I actually make about 10 cups at a time and put them in a pitcher in the fridge. I make it into an iced tea so I can sip on it throughout the day rather than trying to drink 10 cups of hot tea on a daily basis! 

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5. Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method

This is one of my top books to read if you are wanting a natural, healthy pregnancy and a natural delivery too. This book gave me so much confidence in how my body was designed to birth a baby and carry them those precious 9 months. Definitely a must-have if you are wanting to have a natural, healthy pregnancy and birth. I ordered mine right here off of Amazon!

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6. Ina May’s: Guide to Childbirth

This is my other favorite book for preparing to have a natural, healthy pregnancy and birth. Ina May is like the queen of natural pregnancy and birth and passes on her wisdom to us! This book was really a huge part in my natural, healthy pregnancy and birth. It’s a keeper. You can order it off of Amazon, right here!

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7. Spinning Babies

This website was a God-send to me during my second pregnancy. My doula recommended looking at it when we thought my baby might be facing the wrong way (she was). It’s a simple site but packed with some really good, natural suggestions for positioning baby especially!

Check them out, here!

8. Coconut Oil

Everyone uses coconut oil nowadays but it seriously is so great. It’s an excellent source of good-fats needed for you and baby throughout pregnancy. Cook with it, eat it, drink it, rub it on your belly to prevent and treat stretch marks naturally, use it as chapstick. It’s amazing. This is the one I recommend. It’s organic and cold-pressed which is really important!

9. Stretching/Exercise

Stretching and simple exercises are an amazing way to help you combat pregnancy symptoms and prepare your body and mind for natural labor, too! This simple stretching routine that I did every night really helped me relax, relieve tension that I carried all day, and even helped me sleep better. Stretching, then a bath before bed is like the perfect 2nd through 3rd trimester, pre-bed routine! I loved my stretching routine so much I filmed it so you can stretch with me too, mama <3 YAY.

Pregnancy stretches for a natural, healthy pregnancy

10. Chiropractic Care

This is also one of my secret weapons for a natural, healthy pregnancy. Holistic Chiropractic care helped me with some preexisting conditions that always flare up during pregnancy. It also helps to realign your body and release tension as you grow and expand. I had fewer symptoms due to weekly adjustments. Try to find a holistic chiropractor in your area, especially if you already have some preexisting conditions that might make your pregnancy even harder on you.

11. Epsom Salt Baths

Epsom salt is SO underrated in my opinion. It’s is pretty much how I get through 3rd trimester naturally. I get a variety pack and mix the salts to treat my different symptoms. I put 1-2 cups into a very warm bath right before I go to bed and soak for 15-20 minutes. It’s freaking awesome! Epsom salt is basically magnesium so it helps tremendously with constipation and also aches and pains from carrying that extra weight all day long. Also, it is super soothing and combats pregnancy insomnia amazingly well. The variety pack has a lavender salt and others “flavors” 😉 to amplify the relaxed, soothing, healing effect! You can see the salts I use, here!


Drinking water may sound too simple for a tip on a blog post but seriously it is so important to achieving a natural, healthy pregnancy. Making sure you are drinking enough water throughout pregnancy makes for a healthier mama and a healthier baby. Staying hydrated helps prevent sickness, sets your body up for successful breastfeeding, reduces constipation, reflux, and nausea. Not to mention, reduces the risk for high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances and so much more.

PRO TIP: Having a hard time getting water in? Me too. Try making homemade lemonade (with stevia for sweetener), add frozen fruit, or make raspberry leaf tea into iced tea to help get more water in!

I hope you find these 12 essentials to a natural, healthy pregnancy as helpful and effective as I did!

What are your pregnancy essentials? Share below!

natural healthy pregnancy

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