If you are wanting to achieve a natural pregnancy and labor, you are going to want to learn how to use a birthing ball. These really are an amazing tool for you to take advantage of throughout pregnancy and as you get closer to delivery.

The closer you are to 40 weeks, you can really amp up your exercises and learn how to use a birthing ball to naturally induce labor. Birthing balls are an amazing way to help with pregnancy aches and pains, strengthening your core for delivery, and naturally inducing labor.

In addition to the birthing ball, of course, you will need to have a healthy pregnancy, prepare for labor, take a quality prenatal, have regular prenatal care, and additional healthy pregnancy essentials to achieve your dream birth. But, this birthing ball is an excellent addition to your daily routine.

So, if you are looking for a way to relieve some pregnancy aches and pains and at the same time learn how to use a birthing ball to induce labor, keep reading!

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birthing ball

What is a Birthing Ball?

A birthing ball is really just a regular exercise ball. The terms are interchangeable so don’t let that confuse you! We refer to them as a birthing ball because they can be a valuable addition to your natural labor tools. The birthing ball is an excellent way to help you get through labor and delivery.

how to use a birthing ball

Why a Birthing Ball?

A birthing ball may seem like just a large, inflated ball (hint: it is 😉 ) however, don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking you don’t need this amazing tool. Why get a birthing ball? Several reasons:

  • Help take pressure off of your joints
  • Super affordable for amazing benefits
  • Encourages good posture during pregnancy
  • Helps you have an open pelvis allowing for good baby positioning
  • Help relieve back pain and sciatica
  • Amazing tool for labor and delivery

What Makes a Birthing Ball Different from a Chair?

Good question. If you keep scrolling you will see the best ways to sit and use a birthing ball (even have a video for you)!  Basically, when you are sitting on a chair or couch with legs forward this closes off the pelvic region keeping it very narrow. This can increase discomfort, cause aching and not allow baby the room they need to descend!

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Size Chart:

55 cm (21″) 4″ 11″ to 5′ 3″
65 cm (25″) 5′ 4″ to 5′ 10″
75 cm (29″) 5′ 11″ and up

When Should You Start Using a Birthing Ball?

A birthing ball is a completely natural, safe pregnancy tool. Use this throughout your pregnancy for gentle core and back strengthening, help with good posture and relieving your joints and back from the weight of your baby. Although this is a safe and great tool throughout all of your pregnancy, you can really increase your time on the ball during the third trimester. For optimal results, spend as much time as you can sit on the ball during the final weeks of pregnancy. This will really help strengthen your pelvic muscles and make room for baby.

How to use a Birthing Ball?

Using a birthing ball is incredibly easy! Just remember:

  • Careful not to over or under-inflate your ball- You should feel supported well without sinking into the ball too much
  • Make sure your knees are not above your hips when sitting
  • Think tall, have good posture and try different exercises for maximum benefit
  • Get the right size for you!

Size Chart:

55 cm (21″) 4″ 11″ to 5′ 3″
65 cm (25″) 5′ 4″ to 5′ 10″
75 cm (29″) 5′ 11″ and up

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You can use the ball to do squats, pelvic rolls and tilts, small bounces and more. All of these can help your pelvic ligaments stay loose and allow baby room to descend for labor. Not to mention giving you a break from carrying the extra weight around, it can really feel amazing!

You can watch how I used my birthing ball throughout pregnancy and to naturally induce my labor, below!

Birthing Ball to Induce Labor

Using a birthing ball to naturally induce labor is a great idea. As you approach closer to 40 weeks, sitting on the ball opens your pelvis and allows baby to descend and apply pressure on the cervix. Thereby, encouraging labor to start and allowing baby room to get into optimal position for labor and delivery. Whether you are wanting an all-natural labor and delivery or prefer pain management, you will really enjoy having a birthing ball throughout your laboring.

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Birthing Ball During Labor

A birthing ball can be an amazing natural labor tool to help you get through labor. Frequent position changes and the ability to rest on the birthing ball can support you and give you the rest you need during labor. While, at the same time, giving baby room to keep descending and progressing labor. Birthing balls not only help with frequent position changes but they work hand-in-hand with gravity which is your BEST FRIEND when it comes to labor.

natural birth story

Are you wanting a Birthing Ball? Do you use a Birthing Ball during Pregnancy?

Share your birthing ball experiences below! We’d love to hear how you use a birthing ball or how they helped you during pregnancy or labor.

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