Towards the end of pregnancy, I always get excited when its time to pack the hospital bag. It’s like packing your suitcase when you’re going on vacation- it means you’re so close! I am almost 36 weeks pregnant this week and realized its a good time to pack.

I recommend packing your bag between 35-37 weeks since I have had so many friends go early! You’ll never regret being prepared but you may have a little extra dose of hustle if you go into labor at 37 weeks and you have nothing packed yet (This would totally freak me out! 😉 )

Also, since this is my second baby, I know this time around what worked best for me, what things I brought that I didn’t need and what things I forgot. SO. This is what’s in my hospital bag, the second time around!

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First things first, I always double check I have any papers I am supposed to bring as well as all my insurance cards and information in my purse and they are all up to date. Also, we load the infant carrier and base and install it into our van at the same time as packing our bag. Can’t bring that baby home without it.

This is our favorite Car Seat and Stroller Combo.

Everything I put in my hospital bag for mom, dad, and baby!

Hospital Bag for Mom

hospital bagBYOP- Bring your own Pillow-seriously. This is the pillow that I have and love.

Labor Supplies- This will definitely vary per person! I bring lavender essential oil to diffuse, peppermint essential oil to smell when I get nauseous during transition/pushing, and this diffuser. I also bring my own music on a Spotify playlist. We have a doula this time around (SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS) who is also bringing “essentials” she finds help the most 🙂

Labor and Delivery Gown I used the hospital’s gown with my first but we want some more pictures this time, so…I got a CUTE one for baby #2!

Slippers- I have ones with non-skid bottoms so I don’t slip on the slick hospital floors.

2-Nursing Bras- I bring two in case you get one wet in the bath or shower during labor. I actually bring 1 nursing bra and 1 nursing tank.

Nursing Pads

Toiletries- Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hairbrush, hair ties, toothbrush and paste, lotion, deodorant and body splash (I like to give a spritz after my first shower).

Basic Makeup and Lip Balm- You’ll have visitors and I really enjoyed freshening up. Plus, you NEED lip balm after labor (and during).

Cell phone and Charger Cord

Going Home Outfit- Loose and comfy! I am bringing loose sweats, a maternity t-shirt, and slip-on shoes.

Flip Flops- I bring these for the shower and walking around hallways.

Nipple Cream- This is something I didn’t bring last time so I didn’t start applying until 3 days into breastfeeding. I suffered for it so its definitely in my bag this time around!


Hospital Bag for Baby

hospital bag


We are having a girl (*YAY*) so…All. The. PINK.

Outfit for pictures- Our hospital has someone come in with adorable swaddles and takes newborn pictures. We are also revealing her name to our family with a onesie that has her name on it that I got from Etsy. So excited about this!!

Going home outfit- Something comfy, soft and adorable are my three main suggestions!

Car Seat

Nursing Cover- Doubles as our car seat cover too!


Boppy and Cover- I was tired and wish I would have brought mine last time. Instead, I was trying to pile up pillows (which was annoying) and then I also didn’t have any for me to lean against.

We don’t bring diapers, wipes or anything of that sort since the hospital has them. Less to pack and you are paying for their supplies anyways so might as well use it!


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Hospital Bag for Dad


hospital bag

His own Pillow- He needs good sleep too!

Snacks- I pack stuff we both like and that I may want to have during labor. KIND Bars and Applesauce!

Change of clothes- You may also want to pack him some athletic shorts that could get wet in case you want to labor in the bath!


Baseball cap- Labor-hair effects dads too 😉

Toiletries- We bring toiletries we can both use to help with packing light!

Flip flops- He will want these for the shower as well as walking around the hospital during labor and postpartum.

Phone and charger

Camera and batteries- We have the Sony a6500 and use it for blogging and family- it’s a fantastic camera for professional or family needs!

Lastly, I am also packing an “I love my nurses” gift this time around. Being a nurse myself, I know how hard those ladies work and I was eternally grateful for everything they did for me with my first birth. Definitely consider doing this too; It’s super sweet and they will love you for it! If you haven’t made a registry yet, I LOVE Amazon. They have everything you need, super fast shipping, Prime is AMAZING and super easy returns. You create yours, HERE and add any of these to it. Parents, grandparents, and friends can be a blessing when your baby is coming and they know everything you need (and want). They also give discounts if you order diapers through them (and they came straight to your door).

What do You Pack in your Hospital Bag?

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