Once you bring your newborn home, your weekly to-do lists are no longer able to rule your life. There is nothing like coming home and already feeling behind! I take care of these things before baby comes, in order for me to not be stressed when I come home from the hospital. Preparing BEFORE the baby makes their big debut, gives me peace and helps me enjoy bringing them home even more!

before baby

If you do these last-minute to-do’s before baby arrives, they will help you enjoy coming home from the hospital and allow you to rest and cuddle your new baby. This is the ultimate to-do list before baby comes. Completing these will make for a peaceful and smooth transition back home for everyone in the family.

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Things to do Before Baby

For Mom

Pack your Hospital Bag-

You’ll want to pack your hospital bag around 37-38 weeks! You can see what I pack in mine, here: What’s in my Hospital Bag This is everything you’ll need for you, dad and baby.

Make plans for any older children or pets-

You’ll definitely want someone lined up so they are ready when its time! Also, pack any overnight bags for them as well so grandma or your friend will have everything they need.

Attend a birthing class-

I really recommend the Hypnobirthing method if you can find a class near you! Otherwise, check your local birthing center or hospital for a birthing class. The more natural one you can find- the better!

Stock the House-

During the last couple of weeks, I try to keep the house stocked with toilet paper, food, etc. No one wants to come home with their newborn and see there is no toilet paper or find the refrigerator empty!

Tour the Hospital (if it’s your first baby)-

It is nice to not be seeing the hospital floor you’ll be birthing at for the first time when you are already in labor! Call up your hospital or birthing center and ask to take a tour. This also gives you a chance to ask questions and see what types of labor tools they have available for you.

Have a MAMA DAY-

I love this one because I never really go out and treat myself! Right before the baby comes is a “good” excuse. This usually includes getting my hair and nails done and also grabbing a decaf latte. MMM.

Make sure your easy, “go-to” recipes are in the house-

Whatever are your go-to easy meals, make sure they are a part of your last grocery trip before baby comes. Maybe that’s frozen pizzas or chicken in the crockpot!

Make ahead a package of padsicles-

No matter how delivery goes, these feel amazing! They help with healing and are all I want to sit on after pushing out a baby! Try this easy DIY padsicle recipe. 

Be empowered by what you are about to accomplish-

Two ways to empower yourself and your birthing abilities are to read Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. No matter what kind of birth you are envisioning, these books will empower you. You will feel capable and excited to have your baby, not nervous.


What’s in my Hospital Bag

Healthy Pregnancy Breakfast Smoothie

Easy DIY Postpartum Padsicles

Consider Hiring a Doula-

You may think the 3rd trimester might be too late to hire a doula for your birth but, its definitely worth looking into if you have time. I am a HUGE advocate of having a doula in your birthing room. Even if you don’t have a natural birth as your goal, a doula is an amazing addition to your birth team and will do nothing but make your birth more amazing and easier on you and baby (and daddy too)!

before baby

For Baby

Pre-wash your little one’s clothes

This will make them soft and clean. You want to make sure and get rid of that chemically smell that new clothes and blankets can have! Then, put them in the dresser so they are ready to go.

Manage or finish your baby registry-

I check my registry to see if there is anything left that I need throughout the final trimester especially. Don’t have a registry? Start one here and get 15% off your own registry items!

Set up the car seat

Load the base and car seat into the car you’ll take to the hospital. You can’t go home without this and it’s definitely easy to forget in the moment!

Make sure the Nursery is Ready and Stocked-

Put diapers in the drawers and washed clothes in their places. This way, your changing station is all set up as soon as you walk in the door.

Breastfeeding supplies should be clean and ready to go-

If you are breastfeeding, make sure you have the supplies you’ll need. Here are my Must-have Breastfeeding Items. These are all great to have clean and ready to go before baby arrives. Trust me, you’ll have plenty to do after the baby is here!

For Daddy

Date-night with the Hubs

You’ll get pretty preoccupied once the baby arrives. From navigating feedings to lack of sleep, it’s nice to spend some time with your lover. Your hubby deserves a hot date night (and so do you)!

before baby

Be Ready Before Baby Comes

During 3rd trimester, we are all ready to have our babies. From aching hips and back to insomnia…we just want to meet our little ones. BUT, once I accomplish this 3rd-trimester to-do list before baby arrives, I know I’ve done what I can to prepare. Now, it’s time to just sit back, relax and wait for their birthday!

What do you need to get done before baby arrives?

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