Yay! You’re expecting, and now you need to know the best ways to get optimal nutrition in for you and your new little baby. Between cravings and food aversions, finding nutritional food that sounds good, can be quite the feat. However, these delicious pregnancy superfoods can be a quick way to feed you and baby and quickly deliver the nutrition you both need.

Throughout both of my pregnancies especially, I try to make sure to clean up my diet and make sure I am only eating good stuff for the both of us!

In general, clean eating is a great way to make sure you and baby are getting the nutrition you need and set you up for a healthy pregnancy.

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While pregnant, it’s important to…

  • Avoid processed foods with excess ingredients, sodium, and sugars
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals to help with common pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, nausea, and indigestion
  • Limit Caffeine to 200mg or less per day (about 12oz of coffee) according to the American Pregnancy Association
  • Drink lots of water and limit sugary drinks (hint: juice is loaded with sugar, even all natural)
  • Avoid undercooked or raw meats and eggs
  • Maintain a healthy pregnancy weight gain, you can check out this article from What to Expect for more information on how much weight you should gain during pregnancy (hint: it’s just a guideline and everyone is different)
  • Quality over Quantity, it’s a myth mamas need to eat for two. Try eating foods packed with nutrition rather than eating more! 

pregnancy superfoods

Pregnancy Superfoods: Nutrition for You and Baby

This post is not supposed to replace medical advice. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your diet. 


Dark green, leafy vegetables are your nutritious pregnancy friend. Spinach and Kale are packed with nutrients important for you and baby’s development including potassium, folate, calcium, fiber antioxidants and more!

Meal ideas: add spinach or kale to breakfast casseroles or lightly steam as a side dish to any meal


A great lean protein source for you, expecting mama. Chicken is definitely one of my favorite pregnancy superfoods because it’s healthy for you and baby and yummy too. 

Meal Idea: Grilled chicken is a healthy way to cook and can be seasoned in so many different ways!


Another dark green veggie, packed with nutrients! Vitamin A, Calcium, Fiber and Folate are just some of the nutrients your body (and baby) will soak up.

Meal Ideas: add steamed broccoli to any casserole or side dish to get your greens in


Another great, lean protein source. Scramble some eggs in the morning as a great start to your day. Not only are eggs an excellent protein source but they also have omega 3’s which are crucial for baby’s brain development. 

Meal Ideas: Scambles eggs, breakfast casseroles, and hard-boiled eggs


These little pregnancy superfoods have loads of protein, calcium, zinc, and folate. 

Meal Ideas: Excellent pairing with chicken for a nice, healthy dinner

Chia Seeds

These little tiny seeds have loads of fiber, antioxidants, and omega 3s. 

Snack Ideas: Add to yogurt or smoothies for an easy way to sneak in extra nutrients

pregnancy superfoods

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While you do have to be careful with some seafood while pregnant due to higher levels of mercury in certain fish. Salmon is a delicious option packed with loads of brain developing omega 3s. 

Meal Idea: Bake a salmon fillet with lemon, butter, and chili powder for a delicious, nutrient lunch/dinner


A quick and easy snack packed with vitamin c and fiber. No cooking required and berries are also low in sugar!

Snack idea: A handful of berries… 😉

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, vitamin-A (great for developing baby’s eyesight) and rich in antioxidants. Vitamin C, B-vitamins, and Potassium are other nutrients that are also found in sweet potatoes. 

Meal Ideas: bake sweet potatoes and add them to a veggie and egg breakfast casserole for a delicious, nutrient filled breakfast or snack


Almonds, walnuts, and cashews are all great protein sources and can be a great way to curb your appetite between meals.

Snack Idea: Lightly toast the nuts in a frying pan with a little butter for a warm, healthy snack 


While bananas can have a good amount of sugar, if they aren’t too ripe can be an excellent source of potassium and b-vitamins for you and baby!

Snack Idea: Add to smoothies


Amazing source of vitamin-A which is crucial for eye development and they are also high in fiber which can help keep digestion flowing and prevent nasty pregnancy constipation.

Snack Ideas: Eat raw with some organic, low sugar dressing, add to salads or lightly steam as a side dish with dinner.


A great way to get good fats into your diet which is crucial for you and your growing little one. 

Snack Idea: Add to spinach salads, top your toast with avocado spread and an egg

Quality Supplements in Addition to Pregnancy Superfoods

  • Prenatal Vitamin– A must throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • Fish Oil– Excellent for developing baby’s brain
  • Probiotic– Digestion is slowed down during pregnancy, probiotics can help with digestion and help combat heartburn and more!

As always, check with your doctor before adding any supplement to your daily regimen. However, these supplements are usually okayed by doctors and can have great health benefits for you and baby throughout pregnancy.

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I hope you found this information helpful as you navigate your pregnancy. Always remember, you are what you eat! Eating these healthy pregnancy superfoods can set you and your baby up for a lifetime of health and happiness. Congratulations on your little one!

What are your favorite pregnancy superfoods?

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pregnancy superfoods

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