As your due date approaches, you may be thinking about everything you need to have ready for your new baby. I know as I grow closer to having this baby, thoughts of the nursery, labor and delivery, and taking care of my new munchkin are all things I think about often. Another thing I have to prepare for though, is my postpartum recovery. Sometimes preparing for postpartum can be forgotten but honestly, it is so important. These postpartum essentials are everything you will need to heal and recover after you come home from the hospital.

Postpartum can be a difficult time with an aching body, raging hormones, and lack of sleep. Make it easier on yourself and get these essentials before you have your baby. You’ll be so glad you did!

These are the postpartum essentials that have SAVED me after having my babies. Since this is my third time preparing for postpartum, these have truly become the essentials I need. I make sure to have all of these at home before I leave for the hospital. It gives me peace, knowing my house is ready and I have what I need to rest and heal when I bring our baby home. So, of course- I have to share them with you! I know these will really help you, too.

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Healing Must-Haves

Always Depends- I steal as many mesh panties as the hospital will give me! But once you run out, it’s nice to have something that you aren’t worried about staining and are comfortable. These are great.

Always Maxi Pads- I don’t skimp on cheap brands for postpartum pads. These are the pads I use to make my padsicles too. As your bleeding slows down, these are smaller than those diaper undies the hospital gives you and get the job done!

Perineal Spray- I also steal an extra can of this. My favorite is the Dermoplast spray. Feels so good and I always spray like crazy 😉

Epsom Salt Baths- Taking baths postpartum is amazing. A little self-care plus some lavender Epsom Salt can go a long way. The baths help you feel clean down there, help you relax and the Epsom Salt is an excellent way to help keep constipation at bay.

Stool Softener- In addition to the baths, I always have a gentle stool softener at hand for when I get home. Postpartum constipation can happen and those first trips to the bathroom can be SCARY so I always take this my first couple days at home.

Peri Bottle- Usually the hospital will give you one so always ask but otherwise, this is a really nice one. No wiping after having a baby!

Tucks Pads- My hospital has supplied these to me too, but not all do. These help SO much.

Advil/Tylenol- You can alternate between Advil and Tylenol like they do at the hospital. I always have a bottle of each on hand for when I get home. The postpartum cramps got worse with each kiddo!

Padsicles- I have the regular maxi pads at home for once I am healing well and still bleeding but I make these padsicles when I pack my hospital bag. Padsicles (frozen pads) are a MUST postpartum. Click here for my Easy DIY recipe! I LOVE them and they provide so much relief and aid in healing.

Nipple Cream- Your nipples are going to take a hit as they get used to being sucked on so often- I try to stay ahead of the game and start applying this after every feeding to protect them!

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Postpartum/Nursing Friendly Clothes

Blanqi Leggings- I love these leggings because they go all the way over your belly and can be used in pregnancy and postpartum.

Dressier Leggings- Still really comfortable and great for maternity or postpartum. You can still have the comfort of leggings while dressing up a bit-these have a cute button accent on them!

Nursing Tank Tops- I like to have 2 nursing tank tops. They cover my back and stomach while I’m nursing and they can be my extra layer under cute sweaters so I can still breastfeed really easily.

Nursing Bras- I usually have 2-3 nursing bras. This is my favorite! These bras are so functional and comfortable.

Bedtime Nursing Bras- Although all my nursing bras are super comfortable, I found that sleep nursing bras are even more so. I love this nursing sleep bra.

V-Neck Sweater- Loving this look and comes in so many colors. Great for pregnancy, postpartum and nursing so it’s super versatile.

Comfy and Cute PJs- These PJs are cozy, easy to nurse in and don’t look like grandmas pj’s- so that’s a plus!

Cute Nursing Hoodie- Love this hoodie. Easy to nurse in too.

Sleep/Comfy Shorts- These are so comfy for bedtime or around the house and give your tummy some room.

Button-Down Blouse- This blouse is so cute. Loose to cover your postpartum belly and allows for easy access for nursing baby.

Nursing Dress (for Church or Nice Event)- Needing to dress up and give still have easy access for breastfeeding can be difficult. This dress is so cute.

Miscellaneous Postpartum Essentials

Large Water Bottle- You will get SO thirsty when you start breastfeeding! If I don’t keep a large water bottle by me on the couch, I find myself parched throughout the day.

Nursing Pillow- This one is my favorite! I love using this, especially at the beginning when baby is so small and I am still sore. It does all the work for me.

Meal Plan or Freezer Meals– If you have a friend doing a meal train for you- that’s amazing! Cooking postpartum has to be just about the worst! From breastfeeding, healing down there and taking care of my other kids-cooking is the last thing I want to do. Consider making up a bunch of freezer meals like these from The Family Freezer- YUM. Or give Hello Fresh a try- postpartum would be the perfect time for some extra meal help. Also, I buy fast, healthy snacks right before I have baby so I can snack throughout the day, too.

Nursing Pads- I love these reusable ones. They are way more comfortable than the disposable kind and less waste! But, I do keep these disposable ones in the diaper bag for when I am out and about.

Haakaa- This is the most genius invention. No more wasting milk on the side you aren’t nursing on. It will catch the other sides let down and prevent your shirt from getting wet, plus- more milk to store!

Breast Pump I have used the Medela breast pump and the Spectra breast pump. I honestly love both of them for different reasons and they both worked really well for me. You can check them both out and see which one you like more. You really can’t go wrong.

Milk Storage Bags- I use the Kiinde Bottle System where I can pump directly into the milk storage bags and then they also pop right into their bottles. No more transferring or pouring (and spilling) precious breast milk! If you don’t get the whole system, their bags are great, otherwise, I also like and have used Lansinoh.

Baby Bottles- Like I said, I use the Kiinde Bottle System which comes with bottles. But, I also really like Nuk Simply Natural, and Como Tomo, especially for breastfed babies!

Bottle Cleaning Supplies- Got to have some cleaning supplies to scrub the bottles.

Nursing Cover- I enjoy using a nursing cover especially at the beginning when baby and I are trying to get latch down. I like this style of cover, it comes in lots of adorable patterns and covers my stomach and back while I nurse.

Baby Wrap- For baby wraps, I love the Boba Wrap. It’s super affordable and you can wrap baby in so many different ways. You can watch me do a wrap with my four-month-old, here– I walk you through it step by step!

Baby Carrier- For baby carriers, I love the LILLEbaby. Easy on your back and great for around the house or on longer outings to the mall or zoo!

Stretch Mark Repair Cream- I continue to apply my stretch mark cream postpartum to help the new stretch marks fade and keep my skin moisturized.

Prenatal Vitamins- It’s important to continue taking your prenatal vitamin postpartum. These are the ones I use- not every prenatal is created equal and this one seems to have the best, quality ingredients for you and baby.

Ok, I know that was a lot. These are my postpartum essentials, the things I make sure to have at home before I go into labor. I hope you found this list helpful so you can prepare for your postpartum recovery, too! Please share this list with any expecting or postpartum mama you know so she can prepare, too! 


What are your postpartum essentials?

Tell me below in the comments!

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