Teething can be a difficult time. Not just for baby, but mama, dad, and honestly the whole household. With so many unhealthy products on the market today, I really found it important to help my baby through teething without compromising her health in other areas. Babies and toddlers go through teething off and on anywhere between 3 months to 3 years. Now, that’s a long time. Luckily, there are lots of natural teething remedies for baby that really work and will allow your little one (and you) to get through teething as quickly and painless as possible. 

After trying lots of different natural teething remedies for baby and toddlers, I have come to find the favorites that I rotated through to help bring some relief to my teething munchkins. Here are my favorite natural teething remedies for baby to try out and bring relief to your teething little one!

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natural teething remedies

21 Natural Teething Remedies for Baby   (that really work!)

Teething Rings


Lots of these might just look like a regular old baby toy but they are an amazing natural teething remedy. They double as a toy for sure but will feel great while baby chomps on the rings. This one is only $15 and is made from natural products. 



Miss Sophie the Giraffe has received a lot of mama-press over the years. This giraffe teether is a great remedy for those teething pains. You can get miss Sophie the Giraffe for only $15, too.


natural teething remedies

When your little one is resting, they obviously have a break from their achy gums. With the extra aches and pains, your baby can easily get over-tired. Try to keep your little one calm and rested up as much as possible when teething strikes hard. Even if that means mama and baby have more snuggles.

Frozen Rings


Frozen teethers will become your teething baby’s, best friend! The teethers encourage your baby to chomp down while the cold gives the gums a numbing effect! Teethers like this one will definitely help bring your baby some relief. Frozen teethers

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Frozen Washcloth

natural teething remedies

Wait, what? Anything soft and frozen can be a huge relief. Allowing baby to chomp down and cooling the gums, a frozen washcloth is a great, easy DIY natural teething remedy.


natural teething remedy

This is another great, at home DIY remedy. My daughter loves this. The bristles are soft and rub the gums which can feel really good to a teething baby. You can even stick the toothbrush in the freezer for an added effect! Just watch baby carefully so they don’t fall while the toothbrush is in their mouth.


natural teething remedies

Breastfeeding can be a great option for some teethers. Providing them with some comfort and snuggles with mama. Sometimes sucking can cause more pain though, so if your baby is refusing to nurse…this may be the case. If so, try rubbing the gums, singing, dancing, and snuggles for extra time with mom and dad.

Frozen Fruit in Mesh


Honestly, this is one of the teething remedies we use most often. Sometimes, my baby wouldn’t use the frozen teethers long enough to get some numbing relief. But, they will surely go to town on a piece of frozen fruit! Throw a couple of slices of frozen peach or banana or pear into the mesh net for a frozen treat that will help those gums, too!

Bath Time

natural teething remedies

A bath can be a great pass-time when they aren’t feeling well. Make sure the water is nice and warm for them (not too hot) and keep re-warming the water if you need to. Sometimes we will play in the bath for 25 minutes if they are enjoying it! Plus warm water has natural pain relieving effects, too.

Finger Rubs

natural teething remedies for baby

A nice gum-rub for mama or daddy can be just the thing your little one needs. Push firmly but gently on the gums and rub slowly back and forth can give your baby some teething relief!



Make your own frozen popsicles from all natural, no sugar added, fruit juice. I sometimes just blend up some organic fresh fruit with a little water or breastmilk and freeze! It will be a delicious treat and the frozen popsicle will be great for their gums. 

Essential Oils

natural teething remedies

Essential oils can be a great way to combat some of the nasty side effects of teething. Not sure where to start? Lavender is a great oil to diffuse to help soothe and calm your baby during teething. You can also check out this article from Natural Living Family on several other safe oils to try!

Licorice Root


This is something you can get at a natural health food store. This is not the delicious red candy you may think of when you hear licorice. Rather, this root has numbing properties that can really help teething gums. Let your baby munch on the root for some relief.



This is a natural teething remedy that provides relief from mild pain and irritability associated with teething. Try this for your little one, it may help them a lot!

Chamomile/Catnip Tea

natural teething remedies

Catnip is very safe and has a natural calming effect. You can add catnip to chamomile tea (natural pain reliever) for an added bonus and then make into popsicles or pour the tea onto a washcloth and freeze!

DIY Natural Rub

natural teething remedies

Make your very own natural gum cream to provide your baby some relief! Mix melted coconut oil and this natural baby teething oil for a gentle, pain relieving cream.

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Natural Teething Gel


There are some amazing natural teething gels on the market now. This is the one we use. This company has amazing natural products and this gum massage gel is gold.

Amber Teething Necklaces

These amber teething necklaces may have some controversy around their efficacy. However, it can’t hurt to try and several mamas swear by the science and how well they work!

Teething Necklaces For You


Where around your neck for baby to munch on while you are holding them. These all natural necklaces are perfect for your teething baby. Careful, drool may be involved 😉


natural teething remedies

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and works for several bodily ailments. If you rub a freshly peeled ginger root on your baby’s gums, it can help tremendously!


natural teething remedies for baby

My baby loves a good massage. I usually put a little coconut oil on my hands and rub baby down. She loves it and it takes her mind off of her teeth. Also, the body has a hard time focusing on pain if other nerves are being positively stimulated, so it’s just a win-win.

Try Them Out

Honestly, your baby is going to love these while they try and pop those teeth out. These natural teething remedies for baby will be sure to bring your little one some comfort and you some sleep. Try each one and rotate through your baby’s favorites. They are so good about letting us know what they like and don’t 😉 Some of these natural teething remedies may not work for your tot while another one is their favorite. 

What natural teething remedies work best your baby?

natural teething remedies

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