Pregnancy constipation is definitely an unwanted “side-effect” of carrying our little ones for nine months. It can get really bad and cause some serious discomfort if you aren’t careful. If you are struggling with constipation in pregnancy, try these natural pregnancy constipation remedies to help you get back on a good schedule and feeling good again!

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How to Relieve Pregnancy Constipation: Remedies that Really Work

pregnancy constipation remedies

1. Water

Everyone says water, water, water throughout all of pregnancy. But, it’s because it’s darn true. Your body needs extra fluids while you are carrying your baby and lots of women are walking around dehydrated without even knowing it. Water can really help decrease pregnancy constipation and other unwanted pregnancy symptoms like Braxton hicks, headaches and more. Try to get 100oz of water in daily, this will really help. 

PRO TIP: Pre-measure your water in the morning so you see how much you have to drink throughout the day. Also, stats show you drink more out of a straw. Get a water bottle with a straw, like this one…and keep it by you throughout the day. You’ll end up sipping it more often and get your water in a lot easier!

2. Magnesium Spray

Magnesium is like a secret natural pregnancy constipation remedy. This spray is excellent. It’s the one I use and will be sure to bring you constipation relief. Magnesium also has other positive side effects like helping you relax and relieve headaches, anxiety, and pains. Spray this on your feet every night before bed so it can absorb quickly and easily while you sleep. It’s amazing stuff!

3. Chia Seeds

These little guys are quite powerful. To help you relieve your pregnancy constipation, add 2 TBSP to your favorite yogurt or a homemade smoothie. This super food has tons of health benefits but to stay focused on constipation, 2 TBSP of chia seeds (like these ones) pack a whopping dose of 11 grams of fiber. Try to consume 2-4 TBSP/day and adjust as needed. They really don’t taste bad either…I promise!

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4. Stay Active

Going on daily walks, doing squats, using an exercise ball, and stretching are all going to help keep that digestive track moving. Don’t underestimate the power of 10 minutes of daily exercise. Here are my exercise ball and pregnancy stretching routines that I did daily. They both help with constipation, insomnia, sciatica and more. Do whatever is easy and comfortable for you but be sure to stay active daily to keep constipation at bay.

Exercise Ball Routine

How to use a Birthing Ball

Pregnancy Stretching Routine

Pregnancy Stretching Routine

5. Epsom Salt Baths

When pregnancy constipation gets rough, turn to Epsom salt baths. Another source of magnesium for the body, these can do wonders for the relief of constipation! Not to mention it’s other benefits like soothing aches and pains (also experienced throughout pregnancy 😉 ). This variety pack has different soothing “flavors” for you to add and mix in your warm bath water. Add 2 cups into your bath and adjust as needed to relieve your pregnancy constipation!

PRO TIP: Take a warm bath right before bed to get your Epsom Salt bath in for the day and at the same time combat pregnancy insomnia!


Many of us underestimate the power of green food. Try to lightly steam a veggie with every meal to combat your pregnancy constipation. Add steamed spinach to scrambled eggs, green beans with lunch, broccoli with dinner. You might be surprised how adding a veggie to every meal can really help regulate you even with those high pregnancy hormones slowing down digestion!

Also, juicing is an excellent way to get loads of nutrients into your diet. We juice a couple times a week, it’s easy for the body to digest and you can get more veggies in your body in 6oz of liquid than you could ever eat in a day! This is the juicer we use- it’s flawless! Oh, and it also makes baby food. 😀

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7. Quality Probiotic

So, your digestion is slowed down due to pregnancy hormones and then you’re also taking a prenatal vitamin with iron… which only constipates you more. To combat this, try taking a quality probiotic like this one. Probiotics are NOT all the same. You get what you pay for…for sure. This one is excellent and really can help give your gut what it needs to keep everything moving along. 

8. Avoid Dairy

Dairy can be difficult to digest and can definitely be a contributor to your constipation. Try avoiding dairy to avoid making your constipation worse. It’s annoying because who doesn’t want cheese and ice cream when you’re pregnant? I know. But, it will definitely help you naturally treat your pregnancy constipation.

9. Eat Prunes and Apples

Two fruits high in fiber, they are both known to be natural pregnancy constipation remedies for sure! Prunes may not be the most delicious (maybe you disagree?) but when pregnancy constipation strikes, you are willing to try anything and everything. Eat prunes and an apple each day. This will help you stay regular and prevent constipation pains.

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If you add these 9 natural pregnancy constipation remedies to your daily rituals, you can kiss constipation good-bye. As always, check with your doctor before adding or changing your supplements and be sure to seek medical help if you start experiencing pain during pregnancy.

What do you do to treat pregnancy constipation? What works for you? Share below!

pregnancy constipation remedies

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