You’re expecting and now you want to some creative ways to document your pregnancy. Pregnancy is so amazing. Just to sit back and watch your body change and grow another human being is so breathtaking. To capture this momentous time in your life, I am sure you will want to steal some ideas from this list so you can document your pregnancy and keep these memories for a lifetime!

Looking back at my two pregnancies, I occasionally took bump pictures and kept ultrasound images, etc but really wish I would have done more to capture that special time in our lives. I hope these inspire you and help you find creative ways to document your pregnancy.

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creative ways to document pregnancy

Creative Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

Get an App

Apps can do anything nowadays and tracking pregnancy is no different! I personally used the Ovia Pregnancy tracker. It is free to download, had loads of helpful tips and tracked how far along I was. It also gave me ideas and ways to stay healthy throughout those 9 months!

Belly Pics

Go the classic route and take cute pics of your growing bump. You can add text or just take pics!

creative ways to document pregnancy

There are also apps that give you a place to track that growing baby bump. Cinemama by March of Dimes has an amazing app for a creative way to document pregnancy! With a place to take your bump pics, it makes it so cute and so easy…because, obviously pregnancy brain…


If you have a more creative, artsy bone in your body, get a cute chalkboard and get creative! Add how many weeks along with any crazy pregnancy things you want to remember…like first kick, cravings or food aversions. creative ways to document pregnancy


This is such a pretty way to document your pregnancy. Find a pretty window in the house, turn down the lights and have your husband take silhouette shots of your growing bump throughout pregnancy. So lovely.

creative ways to document pregnancy

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Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy journals are becoming more popular. If you aren’t all about showing off your bump you can go a little more private and track your pregnancy in your own personal pregnancy journal. If you are wanting a super personal, unique journal, Etsy has some adorable options!

creative ways to document pregnancy

Fruit to Document Pregnancy?

Yes! Fruit is such a creative way to document your pregnancy and the size of your growing little baby boy or baby girl. Apps like Ovia Pregnancy or What to Expect’s Pregnancy App give you size references as your little one grows. Use that inspiration to take pictures to show off the size of your growing little one!


Another super cute but classic route. Belly Stickers are such an easy way to document your weeks and track your bump size while still documenting your pregnancy! These stickers are your one-stop-shop. 

Professional Photo Shoot

We did this for my second pregnancy and it was one my highlights. I loved having my husband apart of the shoot and my little guy. It was a great way to capture the pregnancy with the whole family. We will love these pics for forever and it took an hour!

creative ways to document pregnancy

creative ways to document pregnancy

Plaster Cast

This is a super creative and unique way to capture your bump and can make a really cute nursery accessory once your little baby is here! You can order a plaster cast kit here. They seem to make the process the simplest and easiest with amazing results!  

Record Babies Heartbeat

I love this one. There is nothing sweeter than hearing your baby’s heartbeat in utero. Bring this adorable elephant stuffed animal recorder to your ultrasound appointment to capture your baby’s beating heart forever. This is such a sweet gift for them once they are old enough too!

creative ways to document pregnancy 

Pregnancy Fact: Did you know your baby’s heart starts beating about 22 days after conception? Aww.

creative ways to document pregnancy

So there you have it. I hope you found an idea that will be perfect for you and gave you a creative way to document your pregnancy! 

What are you doing to document your pregnancy?

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