what we do

We typically work with the bride or her GIC (girl in charge) on any aspect of the planning process to make your lives a lot less stressful. We do all of the research and hard work so you can show up and enjoy! From accommodations, dining reservations, and activities to party favors, t-shirts, and decor. You can pick the package option that matches best with your group needs. The value of our service is that we have access to the best of the best in each destination city and we can custom create itineraries based on your group’s unique style. So essentially, your party won't look identical to the previous weekend's group. 

what's included


CONFIRMED BOOKINGS for chosen accommodations, dining, and activities

PACKING LIST so you know ahead of time if you need to do some shopping

ACCESS to exclusive deals and discounts with our favorite vendors

ON-CALL PLANNER during your trip in case you have questions or concerns

let's talk money

Our packages don’t have set prices. Costs are determined by multiple factors including date, destination, and group size. But we always keep personal group budget in mind when creating itineraries. Flights are not included as most of our party girls are traveling from all different places on different schedules but we handle everything from arrival to departure in your destination city. And remember with all of our packages, the bride-to-be is FREE! We believe no bride should have to pay for her own weekend!

We offer super simple invoicing so that each girl can pay their part online individually. This seems to be a favorite feature with our clients because this way, one girl doesn't have to pay everything up front and then chase down girls for money. The majority of your weekend is all-inclusive and prepaid so that you girls can arrive and enjoy everything that is planned without having to pull out your wallets at every stop.

Our payment process is easy. To reserve your party date, we request a $125-$200 deposit from the GIC (girl in charge) to begin planning. Once we have put together a final party itinerary, each party girl will rsvp to the party by submitting their full payments. From there we complete all necessary reservations & bookings. Payment plans may be offered for parties booked far in advance, where all final payments will not be collected until 60 days prior to your travel date. Then you're all ready to party! 

clients caught in the fun