I love skipping the ghoul-y part of Halloween and just enjoying all the adorable kiddos trick-or-treating. Come October, everybody wants to see your little one all dressed up. There isn’t anything much cuter than these adorable baby Halloween costumes! So I put together my top 18 most adorable baby Halloween costumes- I’m sure you will agree 😉

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HURRY! It’s not too late to get the Baby Halloween Costume you want- a lot of these come in toddler sizes too!

Shop these Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

baby halloween costumes

Lil’ Lion

Roarrr. This little lion is so. cute. This is something that can be gender neutral and is sure to make any little one the king/queen of the jungle! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Little Koala

Isn’t this Koala so sweet?! This would work GREAT as a mom/baby costume too if you plan to carry or baby wear your little one! Just dress up in all brown (like a tree) and carry your little koala around all night! Aww. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Baby Girl Little Pineapple

Your sweetie has to be represented well. What’s sweeter than this pineapple? SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Baby Girl Little Pig

Eeek! Want your little girl decked out in pink this Halloween? How about this darling little pig?! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Boy Mischievous Monkey

Is your little guy a little mischievous? I know mine is. This monkey will be swinging through every party, catching all the attention. You can also dress up as a tree for this costume to make it a perfect mom/baby, dad/baby pair! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Boy Lil’ Froggy

Frogs are just cute, especially your little prince. Also, this costume will keep him nice and warm if you plan to go trick-or-treating outside- bonus! SHOP NOW >

Little Giraffe

This one is too precious. I love the soft colors and that it has no scratchy parts that will be uncomfortable for your little one. SHOP NOW >

Girl Plush Snow Owl Vest

 Whoo, who wouldn’t love this little owl?! So soft and “plushy.” It comes with cute pink leggings too. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Plush Skunk Vest

So. Stinkin’. Cute. Honestly though, something about this skunk is pretty hard to resist. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Plush Hedgehog Vest

This endearing little woodland creature is perfect for your baby Halloween costume-boy or girl. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

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Little Gnome

Gnome one knows why this isn’t everyone’s top pick for their baby’s Halloween costume! Hehe. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Girl Little Unicorn

unicorn for your unique little baby girl. The eyelashes on this one are just too sweet. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Lil’ Gobbler

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this costume is so festive. Plus, everyone will just want to gobble your little munchkin right up! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costume

Lil’ Elephant

I have always loved elephants…so this one is particularly adorable. Look at those cheeks between those big ears- lovin’ it! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costume

Dino Hoodie

I love how simple this one is, your baby will barely be able to tell the difference between this costume and their onesies. So precious. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costume

Max- Where the Wild Things Are

My little guy who isn’t even two yet loves the iconic story, Where the Wild Things Are. If your little one makes mischief of any kind- this may be the costume. SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Baby Raccoon

Another woodland creature- with a soft, plushy tail…this raccoon is just too lovable! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

Lil’ Wolf Cub

Excluding claws and fangs, this wolf is ready to join the pack for trick-or-treating! SHOP NOW >

baby halloween costumes

I wanna see those babies!! Post a picture of your little one’s Halloween costume for all of us to enjoy! I love seeing everyone’s baby and toddler Halloween costumes. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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