Phong Nha – Ke Bang – the diversity of forest types

The abundance of geologies and topographies in Phong Nha –Ke Bang National Park cause the diversity of forest types.

phongnha-kebang12 Phong Nha - Ke Bang - the diversity of forest types

Fifteen forest types and sub-types have been identifies in the Park. The forest cover is a high level of 93.57% of the total area of the Park,of which 83.74% are primary forests. Primary forest in Phong Nha –Ke Bang NP is the highest percentage in Protected Areas of Vietnam. There are significant forest types of which limestone forest is the largest area in limestone areas of Vietnam. In particular 22,500 ha of limestone forest above 700m asl. is national and global outstanding values. In addition more than one thousand hectares of mono-dominant tree Cacelodrus rupetris,endemic species to limestone of Vietnam,with Paphiodendron spp. on karst under Cacelodrus rupetris canopy is a unique forest type in the world.

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