Nice to meet ya! I’m Nikki, Founder & creative mess behind Fling Before The Ring and I’m so happy you popped by to see us. So most people would probably laugh if I told them this whole idea started after a night out at the bars with my girlfriends. Well it did. While frolicking the streets of downtown, one group in particular always stuck out to me. You know, the ones that travel in packs wearing matching outfits, sashes, or tiaras? Yes, the city was bachelorette central. After one Saturday night, I spent the entire ride home with all these thoughts running through my head. How did they decide on a destination city? How did they know where to stay and what the hot spots are? It’s stressful enough for me to pick a place for brunch and I live here! Then that pretty little lightbulb clicked on. What if there was an expert that would do all that messy legwork for you so all you’d have to do is show up and have a good time? No more b****ing bride-to-be’s or maid of honors pulling their colored locks out over the occasion. And the name? Well that was kind of a no brainer. Voila! That’s pretty much how Fling Before The Ring was born. I consider myself beyond lucky that I get to spend every day bringing client's creative visions to life because I honestly don't think anyone loves a pretty party quite like I do.    


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Do you love balloons and confetti just as much as us? We’re looking for the perfect people to join our party in various destination cities. Click the button below and tell us how you plan to bring the fun as our Personal Party Concierge!


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