The Color Of Your Urine Can Say A Lot About Your Health!

The normal color of the urine is yellow, but there are many factors which can change it to a lighter or darker shade. Once they notice changes in the color or texture of their urine, people assume there’s something wrong in their body. Although it is a sign of some kind of change, it doesn’t have to be negative by default.

What is normal urine supposed to look like?
The usual color of the urine is yellow or translucent amber. Urine is a sterile liquid and a product of cellular metabolism that is excreted from the body. Its color and texture are affected by the food you eat, some medications or certain diseases or conditions you might be suffering from.

The normal yellow color of the urine is caused by a pigment known as urochrome. If your urine turns dark, it is a sign that you need more fluids. It’s not a big cause for concern, but you should start drinking more water.

The clearer your urine is, the healthier you are. Light yellow urine is a sign of normal hydration, but your urine can be clear even if you’re drinking too much water. If you’re suffering from diabetes, your urine may still be clear, but you’ll go to the bathroom more often.

Some people are confused why their urine is clear after drinking too much alcohol – although the amount of water you drink is the main reason for more frequent urination, drinking too much alcohol, a powerful diuretic, will also make you go to the bathroom more often.

As alcohol makes you urinate often, the body is left with a low level of liquids which it tries to replace by taking them from your organs and tissues, resulting in loss of electrolytes as well. This is the main reason for hangovers and that splitting headache in the morning after a night spent drinking.

Abnormal urine colors

Green and blue urine

Green or blue urine is nothing of big concern – these colors are usually caused by something you have eaten. It can either be asparagus, which turns your urine to green, or some kind of food with a blue dye in it.

Pink and red urine

Naturally red foods may make your urine pink or red, but it may also be a sign of some kind of health problems such as enlarged prostate or kidney cancer. If your urine is red or pink, we suggest visiting your doctor.

Orange urine

Rhubarb, oranges or blackberries are the usual suspects of orange urine. However, this color may also indicate dehydration or jaundice.

Murky urine

Cloudy and murky urine may be caused by semen left in the urinary tract or a urinary tract infection.

Foamy urine

Foamy urine may be a sign of excessive protein consumption and may be a sign of bigger problems as well.

Taking note of changes in your urine color should be a priority and is a reason to visit your doctor unless you ate something with an artificial dye. If the color of your urine is accompanied by pain, frequent urination, producing more urine, or leaking urine, it is definitely a sign of a bigger problem which should be checked by a professional. Of course, you shouldn’t panic, but the color shouldn’t be ignored as well. If you’re worried, we suggest visiting your doctor who can identify the problem

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