Marketing and Communications Services

Getting your product to market is a full-time plus job.

And yet you still need to let people know when, where and how to find you.

That is why Mon Marché Local is now offering personalized Marketing and Communications services!local market

  • finding new markets
  • product photography
  • basic web design
  • e-commerce store setup
  • and more!

You get a 30-minute free consultation where we talk about your needs, questions, and goals.

You will then receive a detailed proposal outlining the solution, timeline and costs.

Each proposal is designed uniquely to fit your business needs.

Mon Marché Local’s mission is to encourage and support the locavore movement and is dedicated to making our community healthier, to creating a more vibrant economy, and to ensuring a more sustainable future.

Call now (514) 804-9209 or fill out the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Margaux Murray
Mon Marché Local


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