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Zoltan’s Wild Garden : artistry in food

Zoltan's Wild Garden

I find her stand calling to me, with those odd-shaped and brightly coloured fungi lounging in a basket, along with an Ali Baba assortment of goodies: fresh homemade soups (vegan and organic versions often available), pickled garlic scapes, hot apple chutney, orange rhubarb salad dressing, and even some wild chaga …

Maniadakis Organic Apple Orchard

Verger Biologique Maniadakis

It was like driving along “U-pick” row, sign after sign for picking blueberries, apples, plums and pears. But the only organic one …

There are lots of exciting changes coming up for the website and the Mon Marché Local community – including a bilingual site! Eh oui! Un site bilingue. Désolée que je ne l’ai pas fait plus tôt, … → October 30, 2012