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There are many ways to support Juliana's Journey Foundation!

Of course, we appreciate any and all donations - but we also ask that you 


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but we need to Step Up for our kids ALL YEAR LONG!


1. GO GOLD! Paint your face, dye your hair, wear head-to-toe gold clothes for a day and be sure to talk to someone about Childhood Cancer Awareness!
2. THE 46/7 CHALLENGE! For the 46 kids diagnosed and 7 that will die today because of Childhood Cancer; RUN 46 FEET IN 7 SECONDS
3. THE AWARENESS CHALLENGE! Walk up to someone on the street with a sign or shirt about CCA or Going Gold (be sure to add‪ #‎ChildhoodCancerChallenge‬ on either or both) and give them info about what we're fighting for; the fact that 7 kids will die today, the fact that less than 4% of government funding is allocated to childhood cancer, the fact that no new treatments have been created for our kids fighting cancer for over 20 years!
4. THE DONATION CHALLENGE! Make a donation and challenge people to match it.
5. PASS THE TORCH! Create a gold torch and pass it on; to a child fighting cancer, to a stranger, a school, an elected official, a celebrity, sports figure - ANYONE - and make sure they pass it on and get it recorded!

- Get your videos posted on our FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/CCChallenge/) of your challenge and be sure to tag them with #ChildhoodCancerChallenge

- Challenge someone you know (or more than one person) to accept the same challenge within 48 hours or they have to make a donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation or to one of the other organizations that we will post in the next week. 

At the conclusion of September, we will pick the best video, showcase it on our site and you will receive a prize! We already have California committed - won't you stand with us to end Childhood Cancer? #ChildhoodCancerChallenge
Donations By Mail:

Juliana's Journey Foundation
P.O. Box 246
South San Francisco, CA 94083-0246
Please make all checks payable to:
"Juliana's Journey Foundation"
Make a Donation In Person:

You can make a monetary, supply or services donation to us personally at any of our events - they are always open to the public and we welcome all of our supporters to attend. You can also make a donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation by visiting any Wells Fargo Bank location nationwide.

Please make all checks payable to:
Juliana's Journey Foundation".
Make a Donation Online:

You can make a secure, online donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation here:


Be The Match 

Bone Marrow Transplants are hard to handle - the BMT Match Test is only a swab of the inside of your mouth. BMT Patients face formidable barriers:
  • Affording transplant -- even with health insurance. Juliana's autologous BMT cost $1,465,000.00. Allogeneic transplants can be twice as expensive.
  • Finding a matching marrow donor for transplant
  • Developing complications that can keep a transplant out of reach.
  • 70% of patients do not have a suitable donor in their family.
  • Marrow Matches for Minorities Are Harder to Find.
  • Post Transplant care is tedious, exhausting and expensive.

Often the only chance a patient has to live is to receive a marrow transplant. For more than 25 years, the National Marrow Donor Program® which operates Be the Match®, has been helping patients receive life saving transplants.

Learn More


Donate Your Time:

You can volunteer at any of our events or help prepare for one! You can also simply offer to speak on our behalf at a local event or community meeting in your area. Juliana has inspired people from all over the world to get involved somehow - from the US to France, Australia, Brazil, Canada - and many more! Please check out our Calendar Page for upcoming events or email us at
[email protected]
if you'd like to help!
Donate Blood and/or Platelets:

During the course of Juliana's treatment, many blood and platelet transfusions were needed to keep her numbers up to help her stay healthy and strong - especially after her Bone Marrow Transplant. There is a CONSTANT need for blood and platelet
If you have the time and health, do it for someone who may not.
  • It feels great to donate!
  • You get free juice and delicious Keebler® cookies.
  • It's something you can spare  most people have blood to spare... yet, there is still not enough to go around.
  • You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed most people don't think they'll ever need blood, but many do.
  • You will be someone's hero  in fact, you could help save more than one life with just one donation.

Donate Supplies:

Certain items that you no longer need can be donated to JJF - we are always in need of paper (ie printer or photo paper, cardstock), printer ink and mailing supplies. 
We are always in need of donated space, decorations and supplies for events.
- Similarly, you can even donate non-working vehicles*. In some cases, the item you've donated can directly help our cause via auction or sold online to help Juliana's Journey. 

Juliana's Journey asks that you donate vehicles to the Bay Area Make A Wish Program
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Juliana's Journey Foundation
P.O. Box 246 • South San Francisco, CA 94083-0246 
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