Ways to Make a Difference

There are many ways to support Juliana's Journey Foundation. Of course, we appreciate any and all donations - but we also ask that you TAKE ACTION. BE PRO-ACTIVE. MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 
Here are some ways to help spread Childhood Cancer Awareness and Support Juliana's Journey!
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Not Afraid to Get Loud?
  • Great! Speak at a City Council or State Senate Meeting - that’s the only way they’ll hear you.
  • Attend local meet-and-greets with local politicians and community leaders. 
  • Demand that local businesses pledge to spread awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September by GOING GOLD.
  • WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Start a letter-writing campaign to your local Senators and Congressmen - even the President! If you need to look up your representatives, you can do so at The US House of Representatives website.

Are you a Facebook Fanatic? Instagram Junkie? Twitter Tracker?
  • Use Social Media to generate attention and awareness! What social media does is allow you to broadcasting your content out to a wide range of interested readers. Interested prospects then visit your content, subscribe, tell their friends, and ultimately link to it. Google and Bing both pay attention to social signals like this when they decide how to rank links on the search results page.
  • JJF on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Like to volunteer? 
  • We are always looking for friendly faces and positive attitudes at our events or within our organization.
  • Click here to apply
Like talking to people?
  • Spreading awareness is free - make people aware that kids get cancer too! 
  • Write letters asking for help to the President, Congressmen/women, Senators, CEO's, the media, local newspapers, your bosses, and celebrities - anyone with a voice or with power!!
  • Start a petition and get it SIGNED by twice the numbers required.
Are you involved in your community?
  • Ask local businesses to sport a gold ribbon in their offices or stores.
  • LOCAL RESTAURANTS & BARS: If you have contacts at a local restaurant or bar, or even if you are just a frequent customer, see if they would let you plan an event. Maybe they donate a certain percentage of their sales, maybe their tips, or you could organize a celebrity bartending night.
  • POKER NIGHT - donate the proceeds back to Juliana's Journey Foundation. Remember; ALL DONATIONS TO JJF ARE 100% TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.
  • Ask companies to incorporate gold ribbons on their products.
  • FLOWERS: Everybody loves getting them. Partner with a local florist and sell flowers for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because! You could also charge extra for a volunteer to deliver the flowers with a special message. This is also a great fundraiser for a large corporation or school, and flowers can be replaced with suckers, chocolates, cookies, etc.
  • YARD SALE: Invite friends and neighbors to donate their items for a community garage sale. Or, make it a multi-team event and have each team add donations from their items to their own team totals. 
  • CHURCH PATRONS: Talk to your parish about childhood cancer; ask them to put JJF in their bulletin or if they can organize a collection or fundraiser to support our cause!
Thinking of having a Juliana's Journey-themed Party or Fundraiser?
  • Awesome! Contact us at [email protected] to help you with planning, ideas, supplies, merchandise, banners, anything you need to have a JJF party!
  • In lieu of gifts for a birthday party or celebration, ask your guests to make a donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation instead - give them a "Team Cita" shirt or bracelet for doing so!
  • Host a bake or yard sale, car wash, carnival, Church event, etc. and donate the proceeds to JJF. It gets your community involved and it's for a great cause.
  • Start a walk-a-thon! Ask people to pledge an amount for every lap or mile you complete or a flat-fee donation for your participation. Keep track of your progress and send reports to your donors - then donate your earnings to JJF!
Like to shop? 
  • Visit “Cita’s Store” to purchase Juliana’s Journey Merchandise or support companies who supply products tailored towards Childhood Cancer Awareness or who support Childhood Cancer Awareness Organizations – they’re out there!
  • Amazon Shopper? Support Juliana's Journey at http://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-1161771 
  • Sign up for and Download the free iGive App and shop at over 1,300 online retailers - it's easy, just shop as you normally do! A percentage of each sale benefits Juliana's Journey.
Do you have small children in school? 
  • Host an Easter Egg Hunt, Breakfast with Santa, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Valentine’s Dinner etc. and charge a fee. Donate the proceeds to Juliana's Journey Foundation!
  • Throw a themed party for kids (dinosaurs, princesses, etc.) and charge a fee to attend. Parents would gladly pay a fee for a free afternoon while their children have fun, especially for a good cause.
  • Look into the arenas near you about hosting a t-ball or soccer game. Or, if your child’s league does not have a concession stand, ask if you can sell water and treats!
Have kids in middle or high school?
  • Talk to them about this - kids nowadays are great with Social Media!
  • Ask their principal or superintendent to talk about childhood cancer at school.
  • Get the cheerleading squad or football team involved - they can raise awareness and fundraise too! Have a slow-pitch baseball or softball game and recruit teams from local businesses or groups to pay an entry fee. Get volunteer umpires, donated door prizes, and sell food at the event.  Many sports venues and high school stadiums allow groups to work the concession stand to raise funds for charity
Do you have a car? 
Have a job?  
  • Ask your company to get involved or inquire about the Employee Matching Program.
  • If your business sells goods or services, ask customers if they want to round up to the nearest dollar and donate their change to Juliana's Journey Foundation. That change can add up fast!
  • See if you can promote Juliana's Journey at meetings, place posters in the break room, or an announcement in your company newsletter.
Know anyone in the sports, movie or music industry?
  • ASK THEM TO HELP. You’d be surprised to see how many celebs have been afflicted by some form of pediatric cancer, why not ask them to help? So many celebrities are parents and even if they haven’t been afflicted by pediatric cancer, what a better way to get them to listen then by introducing the fact that they could be?
  • Work with a local sports team to sell tickets with a portion of the proceeds going to Juliana's Journey Foundation. See if you can get the athletes involved!



You can make a secure, online donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation here.




Want to make a donation?

  • Make a donation to an organization that supports research programs for Pediatric and/or Neuroblastoma Cancer, whether its Juliana’s Journey Foundation or somewhere else. It’s not about us – it’s about our KIDS.
Donate to JJF In Person:
  • You can make a donation to us personally at any of our events - they are always open to the public and we welcome all of our supporters to attend. You can also make a donation to Juliana's Journey Foundation by visiting any Wells Fargo Bank location nationwide.
  • Please make all checks payable to: "Juliana's Journey Foundation".

Donations to JJF by Mail:
  • Juliana's Journey Foundation - P.O. Box 246 - South San Francisco, CA 94083-0246
  • Please make all checks payable to: "Juliana's Journey Foundation"


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