During the entire month of September, being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we need to Step Up for our kids!


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; we need to Step Up for our kids! 
How the #ChildhoodCancerChallenge works (are you ready for this?):

1. Take a whipped cream pie to the face. Have your family or friends just lay one on you - pow, right in the kisser! Get it all over!

2. Donate $7 to Juliana's Journey Foundation or to another Non-Profit Childhood Cancer Organization such as:
The Nathan Garcia Childhood Cancer Foundation  
The Sierra Rayn Foundation
Have Faith Be Strong Foundation 
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3. Post a video of your awesome pie in the face event and challenge 7 other people to do the same and to donate $7 to your favorite childhood cancer charity. Give them 46 hours to complete the challenge. If they fail or refuse they must donate $46 to your favorite childhood cancer charity instead. Be sure to use the hashtag #ChildhoodCancerChallenge so your video will trend on Facebook and Twitter along with all of the others. Also, make sure to tag your friends so they know to do the challenge!
4. BE BOLD AND GO GOLD! Wear head to toe gold, paint your face, dye your hair, pour gold glitter all over yourself. Get creative!
5. THE AWARENESS CHALLENGE! Walk up to someone on the street with a sign or shirt about CCA or Going Gold (be sure to add #ChildhoodCancerChallenge on either or both) and give them info about what we're fighting for; the fact that 7 kids will die today, the fact that less than 4% of government funding is allocated to childhood cancer, the fact that no new treatments have been created for our kids fighting cancer for over 20 years!
Why the numbers 46 & 7? They represent the 46 children who will be diagnosed with cancer every school day in the United States (enough to fill 2 classrooms) and the 7 children who are taken from us every day by this disease. Be sure to explain that so people understand why we are doing this!

 Join us! Make it go viral! And most importantly have fun with it and GIVE!

At the conclusion of September, we will pick the best video, showcase it on our site and you will receive a prize! We already have California committed - won't you stand with us to end Childhood Cancer?
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Please make all checks payable to:
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