Tu Lan Cave System

Tu-lan-cave-300x200 Tu Lan Cave SystemThe Tu Lan Cave System comprises of Tu Lan cave, Ken cave, Chuot cave, Kim cave, and Song cave is located in Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. This is a Karts center of 200ha next to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The cave system was discovered by Only 3 caves, Tu Lan, Ken cave and Tien cave were explored on the 2010 expedition. In 2012 the BCRA expedition came back and explored more caves including Hung Ton cave, Uoi cave, Chuot cave, Son Oxalis cave and Kim cave, and a few more caves have been found in 2013 in this area. The Tu Lan cave system became popular when Carsten Peter (NatGeo photographer) took a photo in Ken cave that won so many prizes in National Geographic Magazine in 2011. The cave system is now open for tourists and managed by Oxalis. The intent of Oxalis is to keep this cave system totally natural, no construction and housing will be built in this area. The objective is to make everybody feel like the first person in the area. There are several tour options from one day to 6 days and from very easy to very hard treks. (July 2013).

Map of Tu Lan cave system:

IMG 19112013 113241 Tu Lan Cave System

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