Tourism month of Quang Binh 2012

Phong-Nha-–-Ke-Bang-National-Park1 Tourism month of Quang Binh 2012The tourism month of Quang Binh in 2012 is the series of activities organized from April to June 2012 including the followed main activities:

Implementing the tourism activities of cave discovering:

  • Discovering the route Rao Thuong – Hang En.
  • Discovering the route Phong Nha cave in the depth of 1,500m.
  • Discovering the route Hang E and Sinh Ton valley (E cave and existing valley)

Location: Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park


Processing the festival activities tourism:

  • Organizing the festival of Flower dancing – dry oaring
  • Organizing the festival of praying for fish
  • Boat racing competition in Nhat Le River
  • The celebration night, performing in most areas of province
  • Organizing the introducing kiosks to broadcast the tourism services (International expo of 3 countries –Vietnam–Laos–Thailand)
  • Organizing the commercial and tourism expo of three countries in Dong Hoi city.
  • Organizing the food week to introduce the nice food of Quang Binh province.

Location: Dong Hoi city.

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